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Marble Falls Lakefest Qualifying, 8/7/21

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Marble Falls Lakefest, 8/6-8/21

By JM Hallas


Marble Falls, TX.,(Aug. 7Th, 2021)


After Friday nights 'Show-n-Shine', were drivers and teams showed off their rides, it was time to set the fields for the Southern Drag Boat Association event on Lake Marble Falls.


It's been three years of waiting for fans to hear the roar and feel thunder of these high-powered, highly sophisticated machines in the Pro classes and Sportsman ranks as it echos through the valley.


Coming into this weekends event many of the points leaders were in action, some being local racers bringing in their hoards of fans and family to watch them compete on the liquid quarter mile course on Lake Marble Falls.


Former Pro Mod racer, Marty Logan(Livin' tha Dream) holds the points lead in Top Alcohol Hydro. Top Alcohol Flats sees Bill Diaz(War Party Rides On) on top. In Pro Jet it's Tim Ortiz(F-Bomb) leading the way. The Pro Mods come into action with Greg Lempar(Anger Management). Pro Outlaw points shake out with Eric Dement(Real Bad Boy) leading. Pro Comp Flats shows GW Goff(Electro Freeze Express) out front.



In the Sportsman Classes it's Ken Jenkins(Quick Eliminator), Brian Lipinski (Pro Eliminator), George Goff(Top Eliminator), Jesse James jr.(Modified Eliminator), Ashley Winslett(Stock Eliminator) and Jody Smith(PWC) coming in with the points lead.


Pro class qualifying was cut short about halfway through when high wing and water because an issue. After quite and drivers sitting on the holding rope or circling around, officials finally decided to not send the capsule boats.


I was thinking maybe circle track racers, Bill Miller and Marcus Kinsey were running a feature as they circled behind the holding rope. I asked Miller, “how many laps was your feature?” His reply was, “I don't know, but I finally got my tow ski driver to go over by the girls in bikinis.”

There were a couple tense moments during qualifying. The first and worst was Chris Bean having his boat take water on the starting and sink rapidly. Everyone held their breath as drive teams were quickly to his assistance. Fortunately his safety gear and breathing apparatus did its job and he pulled safely to be checked out.


Once round 2 was canceled, while being towed back to the ramp, Greg Lempar's boat began to take on water. The tow ski driver quickly got his to the shoreline before it went under. Lempar, who almost didn't make this event had his boat go down last race in Waco with his crew doing a yoeman's job of repair to help him retain his points lead.


Brian Winslett had a bit of a scare in Pro Comp Eliminator when the boat dipped hard just before the light buoy and took a hard right. Winslett got it straightened out, but was off the course by then.


Pro Class Qualifying

Top Alcohol Hydro

Marty Logan, 4.501 @ 198.94, Kebin Kinsley N/T


Top Alcohol Flat

Bill Diez, Marcus Kinsey, Bill Miller


Pro Mod

Daryl Ehrlich, Tim Ortiz, Bryan Miller, Lee Warren, Mallori Carroll, Mickey Snider, Greg Lampar, Jay Hudgins, Steve Walls, Terry Kain, Robin Reed

Henry Behne


Pro Outlaw

Eric Dement, BillWier, Rick Blethroade, Chris Bean, Cindy Childress


Pro Jet

Tim Ortiz, Nathan Haynes


Pro Comp Flats

Frank Carter, Dylan Crownover, Larry Skeero, Andy Comstock


Sportsman Class Qualifying(#1 qualifiers)


(Quick Eliminator 6.00)Steve Prewit, (Pro Eliminator 6.50) Dave Lipinski, (Top Eliminator 7.00) Bob Winder, Modified Eliminator (8.00) Gavin Snider, Stock Eliminator(dial in) JT Mooney and PWC(dial in) Henry Rogers took the number one spots on the elimination ladder.

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23 hours ago, BeachBum said:

Danged, I missed that event this year!  They put on a great show and the icy cold beer is flowing in plentiful quantities. Always a great time & good vibes.  Thanks for the coverage Jay...

It was BYOB this year.....$20 cooler charge....You'd hardly recognize the area now.....It's crazy(some not in a good way either).

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I get your drift.  I always prefered selling race fans one beer at a time.  That way, if they mumble & stumble up to the beer booth ... they walk away unhappy & empty handed.  They hated us, but the rest of our fans loved us.  Gotta control the madness for the majority...

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