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IHRA Summit Super Series Hot Rod Bracket Race @ Alamo City Motorplex, 6/12/21

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IHRA Summit Super Series Hot Rod Bracket Race @ Alamo City Motorplex, 6/12/21

By JM Hallas


Marion, TX.,(June 12th, 2021) The heat is on.


After losing a scheduled points race last time they were slated, it was double points night at Alamo City Motorplex for an IHRA Summit Series Hot Rod Bracket Race on the 1/8th mile power plant just outside San Antonio.


With mostly sunny skies it was hot to say the least, but the occasional cloud kept the track manageable at 131* track temperature at the start of time trials. Once the sun set track conditions changed for the better with competitors having to adjust their dial ins.


Coming into the nights action the Top ET(Box) points shook out with Jamie Longoria jr. on top by 10 over Mike Pearson, with defending champ Candace Ritter third, Cole Herbold fourth and Kip Scharf rounding out the top five.


In Modified ET(No-box) Wendall Dockery continues to lead over Miguel Montoya, Cole Herbold, Corky Weeks and Chris Pearson.


Sportsman points break down with Ronald Gordner out front ahead of Harold Shimek, Trenton Johnson, Jackie Hibbard and Rhett Floyd.


Don Hrometz has a big lead in the Motorcycle class with James Marlett, W. Keele, J. Monaco and Randy Monte in the top five.


The Jr. Dragsters show Jordan Suckow, who did not attend tonight, Ty Janousek, Gracie O'Rourke, Camron Nelson and Addyson Rogers.


In a strange twist three of the five class winners for the night lost round 1 and had to reenter through the 'buy back' system. Quite a nice little investment for the night. There was also one disqualification for night in the Sportsman class when Harold Shimek ran a 7.48 with the class break being 7.50.


Ritter Rocks a Bye Run

As the 40-car field got whittled down it came to the finals with past track champion, Brent Ritter(Cibilo), in his Simpson Performance, Mission Auto Parts, 583 Reher & Morrison BBC, 2007 Undercover Chassis going against Austin Philpot(Boerne) in his 2004 Chevy Cavalier. Sadly for Philpot he was unable to refire his car after pulling to the “T” giving B. Ritter a bye run for the cash. Some would have just taken the green and backed out, not B. Ritter. He left with a .007 light and drilled his number to boot.



He would have really had to be on his game and run his number,” said B. Ritter as he looked over his time slip in the Winners Circle. “I looked over and saw him trying to push the starter button and nothing. Then they pointed me to run a single.”


B. Ritter bested Carlos Carrasco, Greg Meuth, Jay Fitzgerald, Mike Atkinson and had a round 3 bye. Philpot took out Kevin Little, Mike Pearson, Brett Zampese, S. Hughes and Emily Ball.


B. Ritter(4.77) 4.775 @ 145.02 over Austin Philpot(DNS)


Weeks Wins Modified ET Money.

Corky Weeks(Cotulla) was paired off against Chuck VanBuren(Windcrest) in the Modified ET finals. VanBuren in his 82 Mustang tried to get an advantage off the starting line but went .018 red giving the win to Weeks in his 598 Reher & Morrison BBC, 2001 Chevy S-10 Truck. Going by the numbers it would have been a close race, as both drivers hit their numbers.



Corky Weeks(5.99) 5.993 @ 125.52 defeats Chuck VanBuren(6.91) 6.912 @ 99.67(red light)


Weeks was one the three that went down in round one losing to Mac Garcia then rebounded to take down Miguel Montoya, Greg Meuth, Nelson Friedeck, I. Garcia and Dan Cleveland in the buy back round. VanBuren bettered Gene Herbold, Hunter Herbold, Chaz Landers, Chris Pearson and got a bye in the semis.


Sometimes it's all about a little luck in motorsports, but rarely twice or three times in one night. The Sportsman finals pitted Jackie Hibbard(Humble) in his 66 Chevy Nova against Nathan Ybarra(San Antonio) in his Chevy Blazer. Ybarra went red big time(-.281) handing the win to Hibbard who would run it out and run his number.


Jackie Hibbard(7.55) 7.553 @ 90.53 defeats Nathan Ybarra(8.28) 8.342 @ 83.18(red light)


The red light victory in the finals was Hibbards third break as he was the beneficiary of the DQ(time) during eliminations against Shimek plus a bye in the semi finals along with beating Ryan Aguilara, John Villanueva. Ybarra trailered J. Meuth, Gabriel Hernandez, Trenton Johnson and H. Jarvis.


It was another red light decision in the Motorcycle class between Kyle Price(Bertram) and James Marlett(Austin). Marlett, on his Kawasaki tried to trim the tree and went .002 red(ouch) giving Price on his Hayabusha the automatic win.


Kyle Price(6.00) 6.00 2 116.73 defeats James Marlett(5.65) 5.67 @ 121.59(red)


Price beat points leader Don Hrometz, J. Cusack III with a round 3 bye. Marlett knocked out F. Garcia, Hrometz and Chaz Landers.


In the Jr. Dragster finals it was the #sockposse vs. the #barefootposse.(I had to get educated on that deal, but it's good to see these kids having fun in their racing. They're the future of the sport.)

So it was Hunter McGary(Bryan) representing the sockposse going against Dawson Rogers(Lufkin) from the barefootposse. D. Rogers, in his RPC Jr. Dragster got 3/100th on the starting line but went too quick breaking out awarding the victory to McGary in his Lee & Barrier Builders, Shop Outfitters, Waterboy Racing, Blossom Race Engines, RPC Jr Dragster.


Hunter McGary(8.03) 8.038 @ 79.32 defeats Dawson Rogers(11.90) 11.863 @ 55.29(broke out)


McGary rebought after a round 1 loss to Reilly Garceau, then outran R. Garceau in a round 4 rematch, Camron Nelson, D. Hughes, and got a round 5 bye. D. Rogers had to beat his sister Addyson in the semis, plus Carleigh Garceau, E. Miller and Gracie O'Rourke.

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