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After a Decade of Trying, Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series Driver Gets The Job Done With First TMS Victory

Ft. Worth, TX (06/12/21)  - The Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series All Star Sprint Car Showdown at Texas Motor Speedway’s Dirt Track is now in the books, resulting in two drivers picking up first-time TMS victories at the 4/10-mile speedway – and both compete regularly in the Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series.

On Friday night, Austin Mundie stunned the crowd (and himself, as he mentioned during his post-race interview) when he was able to power by an ageless Sammy Swindell for the win from his 9th place starting spot. It was his first ‘Bandits win in several seasons of trying – and his first win utilizing a 410C.I. engine. On top of that, it was the first time he had ever competed driving a 410. Truly an epic accomplishment that the young driver will never forget.

When the 39 Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series teams arrived back at TMS on Friday June 11th, very warm, dry and breezy conditions would prevail. Some of the Thursday night teams would experience mechanical issues and could not return, while a few teams that couldn’t make the opener on Thursday would join in on the action. Sammy Swindell was one of those drivers experiencing engine woes early on in the event.

Continuing Thursday night’s trend of no cars getting upside down, the 10-lap heats would click off without major skirmishes.

Young Oklahoma driver, Chance Morton, would collect the most finishing and passing points in heat four to earn the pole of the championship feature event. He would come from 9th in his heat race to finish 2nd. Friday night runner-up Channin Tankersley would garner the second highest points total after winning heat one from his 4th place starting position.

An enthusiastic “No Limits” sized crowd would cheer on the 24-car starting field as they thundered down the frontstretch to take the green flag for the championship 25-lapper. Channin Tankersely would vault out to the point, while Casey Burkham would wrestle 2nd place from John Carney II.

Tankersley would encounter heavy lapped traffic on lap seven, when 8th place starter Jeb Sessums would make his presence known by getting all the way up to 2nd place when the one and only red flag period of the two-day event would take place after polesitter Chance Morton would climb the right rear tire of another car, causing it to flip up the track to the wall in corner two.

With the crowd holding their breath, Morton would emerge from his mangled car, resulting in the crowd offering him a huge round of applause as consolation.

The red flag incident occurred on lap 14, which meant there were 11 laps to go – and plenty of time for the front running group of cars to get back into lapped traffic, as there were still 20 cars on the track racing.

With all lapped cars going to the tail when the event would resume, Tankersley would  continue to lead with Sessums, Burkham and Thursday night winner Mundie in tow. John Carney II would make up the balance of the top 5.

Sessums would briefly take command of the second place position, when out of nowhere Mundie would blast by him with his sights set on Tankersley.

Tankersley would extend his lead to 10 car lengths as he approached lapped traffic. Tankersley would ride the cushion while Mundie would select primarily the middle groove.

Now mired in heavy lapped traffic, Tankersley and 7th-place starter Mundie would slice and dice their way from bottom to top – separated by a scant car length at times – with Tankersley being able to cling on to the top spot.

Coming down for the checkers Mundie would make one final attempt to clear secure the lead, when Tankersley would retain his high-side momentum and take the checkers first.

And after a decade of 2nd place TMS finishes, including June 10th, 2021, Channin Tankersley would collect his first-ever win there, and a hard-earned one, at that.

To watch the last two laps of the exciting feature event, click:


On the behalf of the hard-working staff of the Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series, we would like to thank the amazing racing fans for their pumped-up attitude and appreciation of the racing action, and the massive staffing effort of Texas Motor Speedway who worked the event with precision detail.

The event managing staff of X.CELERATED was also a pleasure to work with from the onset of the event concept back in last November, all the way through event execution. Their highly experienced and talent-loaded staff is a great example of what all event management groups should strive to become. Click www.raceXR.com for links and info to their past and upcoming events.

We would also like to thank the businesses that supported the event with a wide variety of driver awards throughout the two-day event.

Last night’s special awards went to:  

The $300 Hard Charger Award went to Claud Estes, after advancing 13 positions from his 20th starting position to finish in 7th.  Thank you to Patriot Garage Door & Service, and Pony Express Honey Company for providing these awards.

The $500 Highest Finishing Driver choosing to compete with a 305C.I. engine went to Chase Brewer, with Cabinets By Tommie, D-UP Racing and Go-2 Electrical sponsoring the award.  

The “Driver Running in 8th Place on Lap 8” award, presented by Patriot Garage Door & Service, and the “Driver Running in 9th Place on Lap 9” award, presented by Cabinets By Tommy, both went to Norman Oklahoma racer, Danny Jennings, which added $200 to his earnings.

Thank you also to KoolTrikes.com for providing a $500 “Last Lap Pass for the Win” award which was nearly collected by Austin Mundie. Thanks also to Smiley's Racing Products, The Peterson Agencies and Griffith Truck & Equipment for their support of the ‘Bandits series.

Next up on Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series schedule will be the Bandits Outlaw Summer Nationals at Kennedale Speedway Park on Saturday June 19th. Racing action will fire off at 7pm.

For more series information, go to Facebook.com and type in Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series.

Here are the A-feature results from the Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series All Star Sprint Car Showdown at Texas Motor Speedway’s Dirt Track, on Friday June 11, 2021:

Finish  Start  Car #  Driver

1 2 17G Channin Tankersley

2 7 4 Austin Mundie

3 3 J2 John Carney II

4 8 01J Jeb Sessums

5 9 1J Danny Jennings

6 14 67 Michael Day

7 20 74E Claud Estes III

8 5 45X Johnny Herrera

9 6 45B Casey Burkham

10 12 25 Chase Brewer

11 4 36 Chad Wilson

12 15 18 Logan Scherb

13 10 2B Brett Becker

14 22 12W Dale Wester

15 18 72 Colby Estes

16 19 30 Joseph Miller

17 21 8 Corey Minor

18 23 32 Corby Scherb

19 17 87M Briley Stone

20 13 72X Chris Tarrant

21 11 8M Kade Morton

22 1 7M Chance Morton

23 24 V8 Robert Vetter

24 16 B99 Blake Mallory

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