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ASCS to allow Brodix Spec Aluminum block in 2022


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Coming In 2022: Optional Brodix Spec Aluminum Block For Use In ASCS Competition
Optional for the 2022 Season, the American Sprint Car Series will allow the use of the Brodix Spec Aluminum Block. The approved optional spec block options are as follows:
Part # | Bore/Main
8B 1000A | 400/400
8B 1050A | 400/350
8B 1100A | 350/400
8B 1150A | 350/350
8B 1000I | 400/400
8B 1050I | 400/350
8B 1100I | 350/400
8B 1150I | 350/350
  1. Spec Logo on block is NOT to be modified and must remain 100% legible.
  2. Absolutely NO lightening of any kind allowed.
  3. Standard or raised cam allowed
  4. Oversized cams allowed.
  5. Roller cam bearings allowed.
  6. Minimum allowed deck height is 9.000”.
  7. Maximum allowed deck height is 9.020”.
  8. Oversized and keyed lifters allowed.
  9. Must be standard oil pan rail.
  10. Full bellhousing must remain.
The use of the Spec Block is optional. There will be 50lbs of ballast weight required when using the optional Spec Block. More information on required placement will be released soon.
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