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Three-Time World of Outlaws Sprint champion enters Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series “All Star Sprint Car Showdown” at Texas Motor Speedway’s Dirt Track

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Three-Time World of Outlaws Sprint Champion Enters Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series “All Star Sprint Car Showdown” at Texas Motor Speedway’s Dirt Track
Garland TX (5/25/21) - World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series three-time champion and four-time runner up, Sammy Swindell, has entered the June 10-11 Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series “All Star Sprint Car Showdown” at the 4/10-mile Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track. Swindell will be piloting the Morris Motorsports number 72s. 
Swindell has collected 394 World of Outlaws feature victories during his illustrious career, alone, not to mention a myriad of additional wins in other sanctioning bodies and forms of open wheel racing divisions.
Discount grandstand tickets are now available (and fee-free!) at the event info hub. Just visit https://racexr.com/events/tmsallstar/ and in a few clicks you and your family will be set for two great nights of winged outlaw sprint car racing at Texas Motor Speedway’s Dirt Track – as the Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series headlines the kickoff to NASCAR All Star Weekend.
Here is the official paid pre-entry list for the Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series 'All Star Sprint Car Showdown' at Texas Motor Speedway's Dirt Track - as of the afternoon of 5/24/21:
Driver Name: State: Car #:
Roger Becker TX 2B
Casey Burkham TX 45B
John Carney TX J2
James Cooper TX 28
Brett Engstrom TX 3
Colby Estes TX 71
D.J. Estes TX 74
Claud Estes TX 74E
Gary Floyd TX 72P
Dustin Gates LA 6
Weston Gorham TX 71w
Joshua Harner TX 41
Joshua Hawkins TX 80
Rodney Henderson TX 67
Collin Horner TX 45x
Jason Howell TX 44
Lawrence Howery TX 69H
Brandon Howle TX 36
TBA....Mark Huddleston (owner) AR #TBA
Junior Jenkins TX 23
Danny Jennings OK 1J
Blake Mallory TX B99
Joshua McCord LA 9
Chance McCrary TX 13M
Steve McMackin TX 41m
Joseph Miller AR 30
Chance Morton OK 7M
Kade Morton OK 8M
Austin Mundie TX 4
Preston Perlmutter TX 42p
Willy Reed TX 3w
Richard Reynolds LA 5
John Ricketts TX 99B
Austin Saunders TX 82
Jeb Sessums TX 01J
Dalton Steed TX 26
Sammy  Swindell TN 72s
Channin Tankersley TX 17G
Chris Tarrant TX 72x
Robert Vetter TX V8
Brayden Voigt TX B52
Jerrad Warhurst TX 7
Dustyn Welch TX 39H
Dale Wester TX 12w
Danny Wood OK 55W
Mark Zoeller TX 64
Only a few sprint car entries remain at the time of writing. If you are wanting to enter your sprint car, click: https://racexr.com/register/tmsallstar/
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