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Local racing crew gives Pecos students hands-on experience at Funny Car Chaos Championship

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Local racing crew gives Pecos students hands-on experience at Funny Car Chaos Championship

PENWELL, Texas (Nexstar) – It’s loud, thunderous, and fast. Here at Penwell Knights Raceway, cars fly like jets.

For the Funny Car Chaos Championship Tour today, these funny cars are making their presence known. Today’s thunder wasn’t the only thing shaking the air. Like a jet taking off an aircraft carrier, these races are comparable to that.

The PK Raceway is race central today in West Texas. Nothing is slowing these cars down, except maybe a bump or two… and a weather delay.

Then, it’s time to take off; and after, right back to the shop for more tune ups. Out of all the cars here today, one of them is unlike the other. It’s the Pecos High school bus.

“It’s pretty fun honestly, it’s loud,” said PHS student Isaac Nunez.

“It was louder than I expected. It kind of hurt my head a little bit,” said PHS student Pete Bugayong.

A handful of students from Pecos High School are here. Nancy Matter Racing is taking them under its wing.

“They work together as a group, and they work hard and fast to make sure everything gets fixed before they go out again,” said Bugayong.

We first showed you the Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield Legacy Guardian race car at Pecos High School on Thursday. Students got a hands-on presentation and demonstration. But this, this today was the real deal.

“All the teams have been engaging the kids as much as possible,” said Nancy Matter of Nancy Matter Racing. “They’re really interested in what we’re doing, the mechanical aspect of the car, how everything comes together.”

Nancy wasn’t here at the track for just show and tell. She was in the driver’s seat, and things were locked and loaded.

The Nancy Matter race crew let students get their hands dirty too, by helping them prepare the very car Nancy will be driving.

The Funny Car Chaos brought crews from Iowa, Oklahoma… even the neighbor upstairs, Canada.

“With all this crazy world stuff going on, with everything else canceled, so with this chaos going on, we said, ‘Let’s try this out,'” said the Canadian driver.

The students are going back home after this. As for Nancy Matter Racing and the rest of the crews here, it’s back on the road, and onto the next race.

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