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$1333 Showdown

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A race that's been trying to be run for a month now and should be a very special night. Tonight we celebrate the lives of two prominent figures in Corpus area racing, Mr. David Stephens and Mr. James "Paw-Paw" Parks. Stephens' son, Bill has been racing for several years at CC Speedway and South Texas Speedway and always raced the number 13. Parks was very well respected and his son has been racing a long time as well and usually had the number 33 hence the $1333 being awarded to the winner of tonight's Factory Stock and Sport Mod Features tonight. Also supporting tonight are the Emods and Pure Stocks. Looks to be another good car count this evening so come on out and join us, watch on racexr.com, or follow along here.

I have no contact with track officials during the event. All Results are Unofficial until posted by the track and commentary is based on my observations from the stands. 

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Sport Mod B Main (Top 8 Transfer)

1. 53 Edward Oakes 

2. 66 Johnny Torres 

3. 000 Kyle Carter 

4. 4$ Kris Rye 

5. 33JP James Parks 

6. 77R Bryce Reed 

7. 11T Tom Grothues 

8. BD1 Eddy Ross 

9. 38 David Schury 

10. C4 Cheryl Gray 

11. 3T0 EJ Fitzgerald 

12. 3G Gary Hall 

13. 21 Nathan Oakes 

14. Z76 Zach Courtney 

15. 2R Ray Schaalman (DNS)

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Witzsche, Legg, Perez, Sheffield and Fitch pulling away. Legg and Perez get around Witzsche. Calhoun takes 5th. Sheffield spins in 1 and Koliba with nowhere to go and slides into him. Koliba rolls away but with a flat tire. Legg, Perez, B. Witzsche, Fitch and Calhoun will lead the way on the restart. 

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Whiteaker with problems on the right front. Walters a straightaway lead but caution as Wilson gets spun on the front stretch and pops a left rear tire. Walter's, Buchanan, C. Vincent, Carpenter, Hendricks and Sanchez cars still running. Wilson rejoins before the green.

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