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Chad Heath just misses another top-10 in Ardmore;
Maine native gains 12 spots in stout 29-car field

LAMESA, Texas (May 3, 2021) — After steady rains in north Texas put a major damper on his racing plans, IMCA Southern Sport Mod driver Chad Heath returned to the ovals this past Saturday night, charging from 23rd to earn a respectable 11th-place finish at Southern Oklahoma Speedway. 

Heath was in full scramble mode in the days leading up Saturday's contest, with damage to repair from a recent outing in Abilene, TX, and the usual setup work to accomplish. Once he arrived at the track, he realized the car counts were up and it would be a challenge to score more valuable IMCA points. 

“With all of the rain-outs that have been happening around Texas, the pits were packed in Ardmore on Saturday,” Heath said. “With the TOMS Mod tour there, 30 Sport Mods and all of their other classes, it was pretty full. A lot of guys who don't usually run there were looking to score points, just as I was.” 

When it came time for the heats, Heath knew it was time to get up on the wheel. It was go, or miss out. 

“I need to work on my heat race setup for that track a little more, because I seem to struggle in those heats. I finished sixth in mine, which put me in 23rd for the feature. With 29 cars starting, I knew what I had to do. It's a good thing the place is so wide, because I had to use it all.” 

Once they waved the green flag for the A Main, Heath did what he does best. He settled in, stayed focused and began his march forward as the car's handling started to come around. Despite a field full of heavy-hitters from around the region, he managed to wheel his way almost up into the top-10. 

“The track was getting pretty rough as the night progressed,” Heath added. “There were some ruts down on the bottom, but I managed to use that line at times to pass a few cars. They kept the top dry-slick, or at least it was drier than the bottom was. I passed some high, and I passed a few down low. 

“I was shooting for a top-10 again, obviously, but fell a little short. I just needed to race and earn some more points towards that IMCA National Rookie-of-the-Year crown I'm chasing. The trip paid off, even if we missed the top 10. I love racing in Ardmore, that track has so much room to race it's a blast.” 

Heath, like every other racer in north Texas and across the entire Lone Star State, will hope for warm sunshine this week so he can return to the tracks he loves to run. Steady rains have eased the severe drought conditions which have plagued the southern plains, they just haven't done much for race teams.  

Next up for Chad and the No. 09k Sport Mod entry is a return visit to Boyd Raceway on Friday, May 7. 

(Photo credit: Mike Frieri) 

Southern Oklahoma Speedway - May 1.jpg

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