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CBS Sport Compact Race April 10


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 i am a fan now .. i saw two racers giving  thier all . i didnt see anyone trying to take the other out that race would not have lasted that long ... those are the best races . boyfriend girlfriend  so what .if you are a racer you race hard no matter who is around you .. i  never gave my brother any slack and if i was racing my son he would not get any either ..i am there to race and win if i can .. that person racing me is just another racer i have to beat .... i like their attitude . we dont want to take one another out . but cant just sit back because of it .. looks like two drivers with a good future ahead of them ..the thing about those cars they race it teaches u to slow down and find a way to get that little extra knowing those cars are not   designed for that ..that will go along way in thier future ..

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