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Swindell Devils Bowl interview


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8 hours ago, arob said:

Sammy we notice it at our local tracks .BUT MAINLY ITS DRIVERS TALENT where  1 they dont have to pay for or work on their car .  2  run past thier pay scale  thinking they can race with a driver who have paved the way for them to be able to race .paid all the dues building cars and keeping tracks alive you may say .. and many of them dont drive  past their noses ..many racers never learn there is a maximum to what your skills and car can do at any given race  if i could just get that extra inch knowing they are maxed out ..you see that at ever track ..condidtions  wont let you run all out and keep pushing to go faster yet not figuring out slow down go faster . and end up with wrecked cars ...................... in many cases its a driver who lets say races all over wins more often  then not  gets in a battle he isnt use to  cant figure out how to pass the other driver what we call a good  fair race  and dumps  the other driver .. happend to us last race .. ..... but you and i arob and most of the great drivers know this has gone on from day one of racing  and sammy knows this isnt his first rodeo.fact we all going up through the ranks have have caused  others grief .... BTW . looking at what happend here is just one angle .looks like sammy had room and the other driver hooked downward and both met each other ..jmo........ last season we found alot of drivers with out talent or care  we have the  bent rear ends  tie rods control arms  wheels and blown tires  to prove it and the receipts for parts  just in case there is an investigation to my claim  ....fix and hope for the best ..

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