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Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series Roars to Existence with Incredible Side-by-Side Racing at Heart O’ Texas

Elm Mott, TX (3/13/21) - Any naysayers to the new ‘open cubic inch’ engine rule were quickly extinguished last night at the series premiere of the Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series opener at Heart O’ Texas Speedway, as it was wall-to-wall passing and excitement from the first heat race until the conclusion of the championship feature event left fans smiling from ear to ear…and Houston area racer Channin Tankersley holding the $2,000 winners check in victory lane. But it was far from an easy win, as the driver of the Old School Racing #17g would not take the lead until the start of lap 22.

Don Cook photo

The former Sprint Car Bandits series created a unique and effective rules package five seasons ago with the intent to provide racers with a more sustainable form of sprint car racing, and it has worked. Although the series is now rebranded as the Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series in 2021, it still utilizes 100% of the core ‘Bandits rules – identically – to what has built the series into such a popular winged sprint car division with both race teams and fans.

Series co-founder Darin Short comments: “This new edit to our rules in 2021 has been the plan all along for the series, but just like sprint car racing in general, things kind of move at a glacial pace in the rules department in this sport, so we didn’t want to shock the series into existence, we wanted enough data points collected first to know we could transition to open C.I. limits without affecting, or marginalizing, our core group of racers who have helped solidify this into the popular division it has become in the DFW area.”

Short continues, stating: “Evidence of this was put on full display last night as we had an epic battle for the lead, a virtual sprint car chess match, on display in front of the fans for the lead with two drivers opting to race with 360C.I. powerplants under the hood – all while 2020 series champion Michael Day was picking his way through the field from his 8th place starting position, to emerge as 2nd place finisher in the feature event – and their team chose to utilize a 305C.I. powerplant to do it!”

And as life goes, words are one thing, but a video to back it up really sells a salesman’s pitch. Click https://youtu.be/Z3nMEMzO-oU to check out feature race action at this link.

Several times you will see the lead pair – and sometimes trio – encountering a pack of lap cars and negotiating them without contact or issues – which made for a highly entertaining sprint car race for the fans to enjoy!

Channin Tankersley would take the lead from Chase Randall on the beginning of lap 22, however that pass would be negated when the events first caution flag would be waved.

On the restart, Randall would take the extreme upper deck on corner entry, while Tankersley would blast the bottom of corner one, and the pair literally met at the exit of corner two with slight contact that would result in Randall’s left rear tire going down, ending his superb run. Tankersley would take the point on the lap 21 restart and cruise to victory over Michael Day and John Ricketts. Claud Estes III and Jett Hays would round out the top 5.

After the event, it was still all smiles down in the Randall pit area, as this writer spoke with the team and they were thrilled with how competitive their car and young driver was – considering they only had one other night of running the ‘Bandits rules package previously. It was just bad luck that their tire went down for such minimal contact with the Tankersley car, it was just good hard racing coming down to the wire.

Selby Holder and his track prep crew provided ‘Bandits teams a stellar surface that held up the entire event, thus allowing the teams to showcase their full talent by giving them racing lines from the edge of the infield tires all the way to the upper deck of the high banks.

The Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series would also like to thank the track crew for doing a fantastic job keeping the show rolling along – as our feature race would take the checkers at about 10:15pm, while outdoor temps were still hovering just above the 70° mark.

Next up for the ‘Bandits, is the Bandits Outlaw Spring Nationals at Kennedale Speedway Park on Saturday, March 27th. This will give us all some time to catch our breath after last night’s super exciting event.

Make sure to check out last night’s feature race video clip if you weren’t at the track to see it in person, as several drivers had excellent runs that may not be reflected by the finishing order of the event.

Dalton Steed was one of those drivers, as his immaculate #26 sprinter was literally fast as hell and had caught the lead pair and at one point passed Channin Tankersley for 2nd place when his car slipped up the track exiting corner four and popping the wall. We can’t wait to see Dalton race with us next, as his team certainly will be a force that other teams will have to reckon with!

Preston Perlmutter was the only car to get upside down during the evening – and then it really was just getting tipped on its side after a wild sequence of racers were all gunning for the same spot in corner two during the restart on lap 21; thus ending his good run.

Here’s the feature race results from the Gene Adamcik Memorial event for the Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series at Heart O’ Texas Speedway on the north side of Waco, Texas on Friday March 12th:

Driver (start):

17g Channin Tankersley (2) 

67 Michael Day (7)  

99b John Ricketts (3) 

74e Claud Estes III (5) 

83 Jett Hays (7) 

b99 Blake Mallory (6) 

44 Gary Floyd (12) 

74 DJ Estes (17) 

82 Austin Saunders (15) 

7 Jerrad Warhurst (13) 

6m Jarrett Lucito (11) 

33 Michael Merrell (14) 

9 Chase Randall (1) 

71 Colby Estes (6) 

42p Preston Perlmutter (16) 

3 Brett Engstrom (21) 

64 Mark Zoeller (10) 

114 Todd Lovett (19) 

26 Dalton Steed (4) 

72 Daniel Estes (20) 

11L Ian Lovett (18) 

13 Chance McCrary (DNS) 

72H Harli While (DNS, weight)

For the latest news and series info, please visit us online at www.2021BOSS.com and on Facebook at BanditsOutlawSprintSeries.

Saturday, March 27, 2021 - Bandits Outlaw Spring Nationals, KENNEDALE SPEEDWAY PARK, Kennedale TX       

Saturday, April 3, 2021 - Bandits Outlaw Bunny Hop on the High Banks, LoneStar Speedway, Kilgore, TX

Saturday, April 24, 2021 - Hammer Hill Bandits Outlaw Sprint Nationals, I-30 Speedway, Little Rock AR*

Friday, May 14, 2021 - Children's Tumor Foundation Night, Heart O’ Texas Speedway, Waco TX

Saturday, May 22, 2021 - Panhandle 25 Outlaw Sprint Nat’ls, Monarch Motor Speedway, Wichita Falls, TX

Saturday, May 29, 2021 - TBA

Thursday, June 10, 2021 - Bandits Outlaw Sprint Nationals at The Dirt Track at Texas Motor Speedway,  Texas Motor Speedway**

Friday, June 11, 2021 - Bandits Outlaw Sprint Nationals at The Dirt Track, Texas Motor Speedway**

Saturday, June 19, 2021 - Bandits Outlaw Summer Nationals at Kennedale Speedway Park, Kennedale TX

Friday, June 25, 2021 - MDA Muscling in the Dirt Night, Heart O’ Texas Speedway, Waco TX

Saturday, July 3, 2021 - Flags & Fireworks Bandits Outlaw Sprint Nationals, 82 Speedway, Petty TX

~ Bandits Summer Break ~       

Saturday, Sept. 25, 2021 - Bandits Outlaw Fall Nationals at Kennedale Speedway Park, Kennedale TX

Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021 - Falls Town Outlaw Sprint Showdown Monarch Motor Speedway Wichita Falls TX

Saturday, Oct. 9, 2021 - 3rd Annual Paul Peters Memorial featuring Bandits Outlaw Sprints, 82 Speedway Petty TX

Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021 - 24th Annual Fall Classic, Heart O’ Texas Speedway, Waco TX

*Special Out of Area Event Purse: $2,000/win, $350/start (starts 22 cars) & $150 to all NQ’s. Full ‘Bandits rules.

**Special Event Purses: $2,500/win, $400/start (starts 24 cars) nightly & $150 to all NQ’s. Pre-entry and eligibility info will be posted well in advance of event. Full ‘Bandits rules. This is the kickoff to NASCAR All-Star weekend at TMS. 

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