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USMTS Night at STS

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Hot laps are underway here at STS, Factory Stocks wrapping up now with several cars from other tracks in attendance. Now the Sport Mods are warming up.  The big boys from USMTS are here as well. Rodney Sanders will attempt a repeat win in USMTS action. Plenty of good competition in all 3 classes.

Good cool but dry weather and luckily the breeze blowing away from the grandstands. Plenty of cars in all 3 classes, so come on out and enjoy a night at the races. All results are Unofficial and commentary based on my observations from the stands, no contact with any track officials during the races.

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Simpson Race Products USMTS Heat 1

1. 20 Jason Ingalls 

2. 71K Kevin Sustaire

3. A1 Phil Dixon

4. 3  Jeremy Davenport 

5. 55 Dave Gaggero

6. 9C Dillon Hill

7. 137 Bill Pittaway

8. 33Z Zach Vanderbeek

9. 75 Terry Phillips 

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Factory Stock B Main 1 Results Top 8 Transfer 

1. 174 Michale Pesek 

2. 5 Dillon Gaither 

3. 25R Nathan Rachui 

4. 17E Jerry Evans

5. 149 Stephan Danielsen 

6. 113 Hector Aguirre 

7. 741 Cameron Starry 

8. 58 Cheyloh Brodnax 

9. 19 Jennifer Kidd

10. 55D Meagan Dodson

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Real Racing Wheels USMTS B Main 2

1. 24Z  Zane Ferrell 

2. 20 Rodney Sanders 

3. 9R Jimmy Ray

4. 55H Nathan Hagar

5. 62 Hunter Marriott 

6. 8 Wesley Summers 

7. 6 Casey Skyberg

8. 8G Greg Dinsmore

9. 21 Jacob Bleess

10. 75 Terry Phillips 

11. 3 Jeremy Davenport 

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Finally a clean start but there will be a lot of hammers swinging this week to do some body work. Mikulencak checking out, Hessong settling in second, Keylich comfortably in third Leddy holding off Walters to round out the top 5. Caution out for a Pesek spin in 3.

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