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TSTRS Pit Crew Program


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We are developing a new PIT CREW PROGRAM with local high school Automotive Technology students.

This program will provide participating race teams an extra hand on race day in exchange for your commitment to the program's requirements. The students are interested in gaining more experience working in the racing industry and we are happy to be able to provide that opportunity to them on race day!

At practice this Saturday, Feb 15th, we will have Auto Tech Students from Klein Forest High School checking things out, and ready to offer a hand if needed.

There is no payment required. These students are eager to gain some racing knowledge you racers can offer in trade for their help.

TSTRS will provide pit passes for the students.
Teams are required to provide regular feedback after each race that will be passed along to their teacher. Students assigned to a race team will remain with the same race team all race season.

If you are a team that could use an extra hand on race day, please email gina@txarp.com OR call Gina (713) 907-0906. We will be matching teams and students up and officially kick off the program at our first race on April 18th!

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I think accountability from the teams and students will help sustain it.  I am adding 2 more schools to the program with a reward of some significant sponsored equipment to the school with the most successful participation. This was probably the easiest thing I have sold so far! I love how so many are inspired to reward hard-working kids these days!

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HOLY SMOKES....I love this idea. 

For the teams that only have the driver and spotter this comes of great value. I'm sincerely grateful you got this program started.

In regards to practice tomorrow, I'll tell you there are a few of us including myself that don't have our cars ready. However come March 7th.....its showtime. 

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