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Is there any place in Texas that runs supers anymore?

I grew up in upstate NY (don't hold it against me - been here 24 years and living where I truly belong) an hour and a half from Oswego Speedway, arguably the home of Supermodified racing in the US.  I remember 40 years ago, several teams coming from Texas to Oswego to race.  They were always well regarded.  Yet, I haven't been able to find anyplace then runs them anymore.

I miss the supers and haven't seen them in over 30 years (but still follow them).  It sure would be nice to find someplace here to go see them.

George Roffe

Former SCCA road racer, but still love a good bullring.

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George, have no idea ... but I echo your interest. 

Used to watch the west-coast based SRL series race @ Meridian Speedway (ID) on the 1/4-mile asphalt oval. It was the best mega-powered short track racing I've ever seen!

Almost as good as watching Speedway Motorcycles toss it sideways @ Costa Mesa back in the 80's.


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On 1/31/2020 at 9:07 PM, txtom said:

Pavement Supers died out here in the 70’s, and they really only ran the Meyer Speedway in Houston, and various tracks in the southeast.

That's really unfortunate.  Supers and asphalt Midgets are two of my favorite shows.

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Pretty much history in our part of the country  They were always my favorite ,with their huge wings and monster off set , tilted motors. Impressive just sitting still in the parking lot. Long after Houston, they ran in the Copper classic at PIR. Up until a couple of years ago they raced at Colorado National Speedway at Dacono. Last winner I saw there was Ricky Ott, from, I think, the Porter TX. area.

I see two associations listed on google, Midwest Supermodified Series and Southwest Supermodified Association [SMRA]            At least you can view some good photos on either site.

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10 hours ago, Josh42 said:

Always wanted to drive one of Ed Hyder's Hyder Hawk Supermodified.


That pic brings back fond memories.  I never raced one, but got a breath-taking ride in Davey Hamilton's SLR two-seater at Champion Motor Speedway (high-banked asphalt oval)

Back then, I was racing asphalt Super Late Models.  That Super Modified made my stockcar feel like a rolling toad!!!  

Hamilton took great pleasure in scaring my tin-top butt to death!!! LOL

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