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TSTRS DRIVERS: 2020 Sponsor Package - Track Signage


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   This is one of the packages offered in the 2020 TSTRS Sponsor Booklets.  It is an excellent entry-level sponsorship as well as a great conversation starter too.  Racers can sell this package or build their own sponsor package around it.  


 If you sell it at the published price of $1750, the profit is $1,117.  You get  $817 when the sponsor pays.  And $300 goes to your class 2020 points fund.


If you sell it at a discount price of $1500, the profit is $867.  You get $567 when the sponsor pays.  And $300 goes to your class 2020 points fund.


It must be the Full Coverage Signage Combo package and it would be subject to approval by the series for some exclusivities we have signed for 2020.    

I can add your racing logo to the pricing sheet if you want to use it in your presentation.  

For more details and specifics, please reach out to me!  


My goal here is to give you guys something to sell that helps us both AND racing at HMP.  If you need help, please ask.  Feel free to pull pictures of the race track off the series webpage for your presentations.  Link is below, scroll down below the track video for the pictures. Click on them to open them, when you find one you like the best drag and drop it!



Gina Schild Knowles

(713) 907-0906



PS - I will need some help putting signs up at our first practice in Feb 2020!  






Track Signage.jpg

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