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Snowball Derby Unofficial Results

MUmscheid 51

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52nd Annual Snowball Derby Unofficial Results

Pos.  # Driver
1 51n Stephen Nasse
2 26b Travis Braden
3 35 Jake Garcia
4 53b Cole Butcher
5 30 Jesse Dutilly
6 48 Preston Peltier
7 51s Chandler Smith
8 22 Casey Roderick
9 18 Hunter Robbins
10 36 Dan Fredrickson
11 53j Boris Jurkovic
12 119 Dalton Zehr
13 12G Derek Griffith
14 91 Ty Majeski
15 9C Jeff Choquette
16 43 Derek Thorn
17 81 Giovanni Bromante
18 7d John DeAngelis
19 2 Derek Kraus
20 54c Matt Craig
21 9m Brad May
22 51a Michael Atwell
23 20m Cole Moore
24 75 Jeremy Doss
25 16 Lucas Jones
26 26p Bubba Pollard
27 10 Kaden Honeycutt
28 54g David Gilliland
29 112 Augie Grill
30 57 Josh Berry
31 14c Connor Okrzesik
32 7 Corey LaJoie
33 21p Jeremy Pate
34 11 David Rogers
35 15 Rodrigo Rejon
36 4 Kyle Plott
37 78 Corey Heim
 Kaden ran in the top 15 all night and a lot of the race in the top 10. Didn’t get the finish he deserved.
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I have always had trouble understanding this deal. This race is teched as close as any race you will ever go to. People have to understand that if they get anywhere near the front of this deal what ever they have on the car is going to be looked at. 

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This is the latest from Matt Weaver at Short Track Scene

For the third time in 10 years, a victory in the Snowball Derby was decided in post-race technical inspection.

Travis Braden inherited the victory following the disqualification of flagged winner Stephen Nasse.

Nasse’s Jett Motorsports No. 51 was stripped of his victory due to a titanium violation in the brake system. The Snowball Derby rule book specifically states:

  1. Brakes
    1. Vehicles must be equipped with four-wheel hydraulic brakes
    2. No carbon fiber rotors. Only steel rotors are allowed (no titanium).
    3 Brake fluid circulators permitted. Liquid or gas cooling not permitted.

Meanwhile, Braden passed his inspection and was declared the winner shortly afterwards.

Rumors had begun spreading about 30 minutes before the official word was given that the No. 51 had failed inspection. At that point, chief technical inspector Ricky Brooks had called track general manager Tim Bryant down to the inspection room to discuss the matter.

Then, it was made official, with the Jett Motorsports team frustratingly putting their car back together and pushing it back towards the infield. Nasse exited the tech room, made a sharp left turn away from the inspection area and towards his hauler.

Brooks said after declaring Braden the victor that the Jett Motorsport team’s infraction was clearly a violation of the rule book while also detailing how it is a competitive advantage.

“It had titanium piston caps all the way around the whole entire car,” Brooks said. “It’s blatant in the rule book — no titanium allowed. They were fastened to an aluminum piston and an aluminum caliper.  And hat that does, is it keeps the heat from sinking into the caliber and the piston. They were drilled to keep from holding the heat going into an aluminum piston and aluminum caliper.

Brooks said there is an advantage but couldn’t say if it made a difference on Monday night.

“There is an advantage,” he said. “I don’t know if it helped him win. But it’s like any other disqualification we’ve done. It’s in in the rule book in black and white. If we don’t go by that, none of this matters.”

And why wasn’t the piston caps checked throughout the week, during any of the previous countless inspection attempts?

“That’s something inside the car that we can’t check during the week,” Brooks said. “It’s just like an illegal motor.”

In a social media post, Nasse suggested the Monday night discovery was much more nefarious.

Nasse recently defected from PFC Brakes to Brembo Brakes. The 24-year-old suggested that his disqualification stems from a tip provided by PFC representative Chris Dilbeck:

 “First of all, let me start by saying that I have the best guys in the business behind me. My Jett Motorsports guys are amazing and we had two badass cars tonight. I drove from 36th to first with no power steering. We also have the best people supporting us and one of those are Brembo Brakes, whom I highly recommend for all your brake needs.

“We left PFC Brakes because they weren’t willing to help us and were playing favorites. The first thing tech asked us to do is remove the brakes because they had a ‘tip’ from their major supporter at PFC Brakes, Chris Dilbeck. In our brake system there was a small titanium cap which does not enhance performance at all.”

In a statement released to Speed51, Dilbeck didn’t deny the allegation but suggested that he would prefer to see races won on the track.

AP Racing provides brakes for Braden.

“I don’t want to see any race decided in tech,” Dilbeck said. “It was unfortunate that PFC didn’t win the race on the race track. I feel like PFC probably had the best car of the day, along with the vast majority of the field. Myself, representing PFC at the Snowball Derby, I try to help every PFC customer to the best of my ability to go win the race.

“It’s very unfortunate that the race was decided in tech. At the same time, the car that won the race was not a PFC customer, either. Stephen Nasse is a great race car driver, and we were glad to have him on PFC the time that we did. I enjoy watching him race just like any other race fan.”

Nasse also pointed out in his statement that the winning car from the 2018 Snowball Derby featured an engine that needed to be regulated via a Balance of Performance.

That was a reference to the Hamner engine, which spent much of spring 2019 under scrutiny from the industry for a perceived power advantage following a December dyno test.

“Last year, the winning car was cleared with an illegal motor, which was an advantage,” Nasse said. “This sport is nothing but playing favorites. I’ve been the classy guy and I’ve been the nasty guy.

“But at the end of the day, I’m just a guy trying to be the best I can and to win the biggest race of my life and have it taken away like this just sucks. I appreciate all the support.”

Chase Elliott was disqualified after the 2013 Snowball Derby for having tungsten as his weight instead of lead, leading to Erik Jones’ second consecutive victory. Christopher Bell was tossed in 2015 for a weight violation.

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Here is a quote I saw in an article from the tech official 


It had titanium piston caps all the way around the whole entire car," Brooks said. "It's blatant in the rulebook—no titanium allowed. They were fastened to an aluminum piston and an aluminum caliper.  And what that does is it keeps the heat from sinking into the caliber and the piston. They were drilled to keep from holding the heat going into an aluminum piston and aluminum caliper.

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As unfortunate as the DQ is when he drove like the world was ending the next day....his team knew exactly what they were doing when they installed the caps. I'm sure at that level teams understand the political side of the manner between different sponsors. 

Your right Tim, if your not cheating your not trying and sometimes those odds bite you right in the wiener. 

An extraordinary driver is now known as a cheater when he probably would have been just as fast without those caps. 

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The racing at Pensacola was damn good all weekend. Lots of drama and action. Feel terrible for Nasse he drove his ass off and was a super clean run but Travis Braden did the same. Donnie Wilson's car had great runs Ty Majeski seemed to be the man and Casey Roderick was damn good too. If you get a chance find the last chance race for the Snowball and watch that.

Looking forward to 2020 SLM and PLM racing ready to get the World Series at New Smyrna going met with some CRA folks this weekend they are fired up and ready.


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