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Shootout didn't disappoint!


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Wow! What a weekend of racing! Saturday night was unreal.

Factory Stock was a no holds barred race ! Four cars battling rubbin and one may have thought wallin ending with a three wide turn 3, 4 and to the finish line. Folks were standing those last two laps.

The sights and sounds of the sportmod race was equally exciting. Just listening to driver intros with IMCA Champions , track champions , winner $11,000 this race, $10,000 that race showed the quality of the field. And throw in a proposal to top it off! The 50 lap race was never dull which is why dirt racing is the best! No single line follow the leader for 90% of the race here! The drives of the night were Steve Whiteaker Jr. battling from the back to 4rth and Jason Ingalls doing the same all the way to 2nd!

I suggest getting the Race on Texas replay and see for yourself how great this event was.

Thank you Steve Whiteaker Jr. and your staff for putting on this FIRST CLASS show! And a special thanks to all the races teams who traveled hundreds of miles one way to race. Fans, start making your plans for 2020!

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  .. Yes it was/ DID YOU SEE THE FOUR WIDE IN TURN THREE .LOL.. cant remember what car jesse was trying to pass right there . tj came in under him and someone else joined in .. you could not put a tooth pic between them .I almost fell over lol.. all made it through .. I asked jesse what he thought .. he didnt know it was four that is a testament on just how good these drivers are .. . darn I just wished the track hadn't dried up enough for our slick set up .. watching the track and weather made us think to go wet and slick  FAST SET  up we found Thursday night . ran it in the heat and worked jesse just didnt  GET clear   soon enough to go after first and second place soon enough .. . dry slick like that feature the car has not liked that all years .but we found a problem we will fix before next year the main reason why it does not like dry ….that weekend was I say the best weekend for factory stock ..DRIVERS FROM ALL  over showed you just how good they ….are ..  THE TRACK WAS IN REALLY GOOD SHAPE OVER THE WEEKENED .

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