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Snowball derby


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The Snowball Derby did away with live pits stops and it appears that there will be less cars entering.   The number that qualified and the current entry number are identical now.  A there are usually a few less than the number that pre entered.   It is difficult to say if this helped or hurt things.  It does take an element out of the race that everyone enjoys.   There may have been less entries if they did not do away with it, who knows, but thought that it was interesting that there were not more cars entered.   I like the live pit stops but would not like having to pay for them.  LOL  But you do see many teams use their own guys.  Ty Majeski would probably have at least two wins without live stops.

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I think you are looking at the first release of entries. As on 11/27/19 there are 58 cars registered...

                        Car No   Driver                                       Location

                            1        Michael House                          Columbia, TN

                          104      Kaden Honeycutt                       Willow Park, TX

                           11       David Rogers                            Orlando, FL

                          112      Augie Grill                                 Hayden, AL

                          119      Dalton Zehr                               Verona, WI

                           12       Harrison Burton                         Huntersville, NC

                          12G      Derek Griffith                            Hudson, NH

                           14       Austin Nason                            Roscoe, IL

                           14       Carson Hocevar                        Portage, MI

                           14       Chris Davidson                         Pearland, TX

                           14       Connor Okezesik                       Grand Bay, AL

                           15       Rodrigo Rejon                           Mexico City, Mexico

                           16       Lucas Jones                             Mooreville, NC

                           17       Taylor Gray                               Denver, NC

                           18       Hunter Robbins                         Pensacola, FL

                            2        Derek Kraus                              Stratford, WI

                           20       Anthony Sergi                           New Smyrna Beach, FL

                           20       Cole Moore                               Granite Bay, CA

                           20       Jack Dossey, III                        Indianapolis, IN

                           21       Jeremy Pate                              Pensacola, FL

                           21       Trey Bayne                                Knoxville, TN

                           22       Casey Roderick                         Lawrenceville, GA

                           26       Bubba Pollard                           Senoia, GA

                           26       Travis Braden                            Wheeling, WV

                           30       Jesse Dutilly                             Bradenton, FL

                           36       Dan Fredrickson                        Northfield, MN

                           37       A J Wernette                             Hondo, TX

                            4        Kyle Plott                                  Marietta, GA

                           43       Derek Thorn                              Bakersfield, CA

                           45       Rich Bickle                                Sun Prairie, WI

                           48       Preston Peltier                          Brighton, CO

                            5        Jerry  Artuso                             Saulte Ste Marie,

                           50       Jett Nolan                                 Orlando, FL

                           51       Chandler Smith                          Talking Rock, GA

                           51       Michael Atwell                           Naples, FL

                           51       Stephen Nasse                          Pinellas Park, FL

                           53       Boris Jurkovic                           Manhattan, IL

                           53       Cole Butcher                             Porters Lake NS,

                           54       David Gilliland                           Mooresville, NC

                           54       Matt Craig                                 Kannapolis, NC

                           57       Josh Berry                                Statesville, NC

                          5m      Mason Mingus                          Nashville, TN

                           64       Garrett Evans                            East Wenatchee, WA

                            7        Corey LaJoie                             Concord, NC

                            7        John DeAngelis                         Hubertus, WI

                           71       Johnny VanDoorn                     Nunica, MI

                           75       Jeremy Doss                            Upper Lake, CA

                           78       Corey Heim                               Marietta, GA

                           79       Joe Aramendia                          Sequin, TX

                           79       Kyle Bryant                               Navarre, FL

                            8        Colten Nelson                           Moss Point, MS

                           81       Giovanni Bromante                    Locust Valley, NY

                           88       Jordan Anderson                       Forest Acres, SC

                            9        Brad May                                  Ovideo, FL

                            9        Jeff Choquette                          West Palm Beach, FL

                           90       Tim Curry                                  Allegan, MI

                           91       Ty Majeski                                Charlotte, NC

                           97       Steven Davis                            Mobile, AL

                           58       TOTAL Super :Late Model ENTRIES

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The point is, the number up until this point are slightly higher than last year and a large amount less than 2017 .    On Facebook, they all blamed the live pit stops for not coming last year.   Not a lot of difference so far and way behind 2017.  What I am saying is, there is lots of racing on Facebook that never happens.   They are all fast on Facebook.  For only a couple more cars, i would rather see the live pit stops.   Now if it were to get the car count back in the upper 60's, I can understand not having them.  

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5 hours ago, toyotatim said:

Eventful first night of racing.  The top 2 trucks got dq'd for motors and the 3rd place guy too much left side.   Awesome man, I wonder how many didnt get caught because they were not up front?  I'll bet they were not the only two motor cheaters. 

There is also rumors from other teams of tire prep. They took samples and sent to be tested by a 3rd party lab.

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It looks like about 10 more Super Late Models than last year, but I think this is the best field ever.   The last chance race is an all star race.  

Whats up with these guys doing these slide jobs and expecting someone to lift?    Bickle expected the kid to lift but he didnt.   I dont think I would have lifted either.      

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That deal with Bickle and Hocevar was identical to two guys earlier this year at Five Flags Speedway in the very same spot.   At some point, enough is enough and when they come across your nose, you just dont lift.   That is what the fans love to watch,  the drama of metal crunching and tempers flaring.

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