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Fall Turkey Shootout @ Alamo City Motorplex, 11/23/19

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Fall Turkey Shootout @ Alamo City Motorplex, 11/23/19

By JM Hallas


Marion, TX(Nov. 23Rd, 2019) With the end of the season just around the corner, Alamo City Motorplex held a pre-Thanksgiving Special, the Fall Turkey Shootout. The day started out with a bracket race for the Super Pro, Pro, Motorcycles and Jr. Dragsters.


Following the bracket race it was open test-n-tune giving some guys a chance to tune up for the last big race of the year, Winter Meltdown 4 no-prep event the beginning of December. Also slated was an index race for the 4.90, 5.80 and 7.00 classes.


The years NHRA points season was finished in October so it was open competition for the cash and bragging rights until next year. This years Alamo City Motorplex class champions were David Bills(Super Pro), Gene Herbold(Pro), Ronald Gordner(Sportsman), James Marlett(Motorcycle) and Reilly Garceau(Jr. Dragster.)


Mother Nature provided a beautiful day, by late November standards, with sunshine and 70's during the day. As the sun began to set, temps cooled gradually making for more horsepower and changing dial-ins.


Super Pro

Robinson Rips Off Super Pro Pay Day

Debuting a brand new car, Todd Robinson(Corpus Christi) certainly had no new car blues as he marched through the Super Pro field. Robinson, in his Scott Ball Racing, Rehrer & Morrison powered, 2019 Elite Chassis squared off against a former track champ, Brent Ritter(Cibolo) in his 2007 Undercover Chassis. Robinson killed Ritter on the tree with a .003 light needing every bit of that advantage as Ritter ran his number in vain.


Todd Robinson(4.62) 4.656 @ 144.65 defeats Brent Ritter(4.77) 4.776 @ 144.42



Robinson bested Damian Tschoepe, Leroy O'Bryant, Candace Ritter, Gabriel Hernandez and Wes Bendele on his way to the finals. B. Ritter ousted track champ David Bills, Hernandez, Emily Ball, Zimmerman with a round 4 bye.




Landers Lands Pro Win

Rebounding after a close loss in the Motorcycle finals, Chaz Landers(Hutto) came back to grab the Pro victory. Landers on his Total Performance Cycle, 2008 Hayabusa got the win over Greg Meuth(Boerne) in his Camaro. With 2/100th advantage on the start for Landers, Meuth went a little too quick and broke out on the big end.


Chaz Landers(5.68) 5.716 @ 122.22 defeats Greg Meuth(5.63) 5.610 @ 122.75



Landers trailered B. Ferrell, Hunter Herbold, David Bixler, and Jeff Rabedeau with round 4 bye. Meuth got past Anthony Montoya, Gabriel Hernandez, Mad Mike, D. Jeffries with a semi final bye.



Monaco Masters Motorcycles

Devin Monaco(Marion) won one for the hometown in the Motorcycle finals nailing his number. Monaco, on his 2014 Suzuki Hayabusa, got 4/100th over Chaz Landers(Hutto) on his 2008 Hayabusa, off the tree. Monaco then ran a 6.109 on 6.10 dial to seal the deal besting Landers for the second time in eliminations.


Devin Monaco(6.10) 6.109 @ 114.30 defeats Chaz Landers(5.67) 5.684 @ 122.38


Monaco beat Landers in round 1, S. Aleman and F. Garcia. Landers rebought and bested Randy Monte and had a round 3 bye to the finals.


Jr. Dragster

Track champ Reilly Garceau capped off the season with another victory in the two-car Jr. Dragster shootout. Garceau(Von Ormy), in the 2007 MOV chassis bettered Logan Banduch(Selma) twice to take home the win and the extra money added by Saved by Grace Racing.


Reilly Garceau(7.90) 7.910 @ 81.18 defeats Logan Banduch(9.60) 9.071 @ 70.54

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