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Big Feature in 1984, Can you ID these drivers?

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Hello All,

Was looking through my old pictures and was reminiscing about the old days.  I ran across these pictures from an All Pro feature race for a special event at CC Speedway back in '84.  Can't remember the race and why all these drivers were there.  And can't remember most of the drivers other than the local drivers.  #99 won the race but don't know his name.  Was wondering if anyone could help name them.











13 (Medium).JPG

JamesMikulencak (Medium).JPG

JohnTalley (Medium).JPG

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I can help a little. I was at that TIDA race :) 

Too bad my memory isn’t better.

1st pic is the late John Foster. He was from Midland, Texas.

4th pic #1 car sponsored by Jolly Rancher candies. I think his name was Don Wilson...not 100% sure. We called him the “The Candy Man”. I know Jolly Rancher was from Colorado at the time, maybe he was too.

8th pic #26 I believe was Junior Robinson, also from Midland, TX.

9th pic #2 was a very young Mike Trigg, shirtless in the background. He still races Street stock on occasion in south Texas...4T wagon.

Some of the others are on the tips of my tongue! I’ll report back if my memory kicks in.

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Thanks for the help.  I've had some of the driver's confirm it was All Pro with local drivers added.  ;)  This was in 1984.

I've got some more names to add to the list.  

99 - John Foster, Odessa, TX

14 - Freddy Fryar, is he from Houston?

84 - Chuck Johnson from Florida?

96 - Greg Davidson from ?

1 - Donnie Wilson, Denver, CO

45 - Bob Bolin, Odessa, TX ?

44 - John Talley, Austin, TX

58 - Darrell Brown, Alabama

2 - Mike Trigg, from ?

Which 26 is Junior Robinson?

That's all I know so far.....

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Mike Trigg was from Odessa at that time. Most recently he lived in the San Antonio area.

The white #26 is Junior Robertson...not sure why I typed “Robinson”.

For sure Bob Bolin was from the Odessa/Midland area. That was the one I recognized but couldn’t remember the name.

Greg Davidson is from the Houston area. He has an Electrical business “Davidson Electric” in Pearland. I would guess he lives in Pearland or Friendswood...both southern suburbs of Houston. His son-in-law (Ralph Burris) used to be my neighbor. He raced a little too.

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TxTom needs to jump in here...

Freddy Fryar was living in Beaumont at the time.

I think the 84 was Mike Alexander out of Tennessee 

And wasn't that 1 Jolly Rancher driven by Micky Gibbs at about that time?

24 is Slick Yoemans

Not much help... even though I was there, I can't place quite a few of those cars.



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There are a lot of questions here, 

Lets start with the original post. The national All Pro tour ran two features on 4 August 1984. Gary Balough won the first one, and Freddy Fryar won the second one. Slick Yoemans was the pole starter for the first race. The top 6 finishers in the first race were inverted, putting Fryar on the pole for the second race.

 Then 99 of John Foster is not listed in the results of either race. Neither are the #2 of Trigg,#45 of Bob Bolin, #19 of Ronnie Whitmire, the 44 of John Talley, the #25, and Junior Robertson is not listed in either race result. 

A couple cars in those pictures are #58 Darrell Brown and #84 Chuck Johnson that were in the two races listed above. Also #1 is Don Wilson from Colorado.       

I am going to state that most of these pics are not the Southeast based ALL PRO series that ran on 4 August, but probably a race of the Texas wing of the All Pro Series that ran for about a year in this area.  Foster, Yoemans, Trigg, Robertson, Bolin, Greg Davidson and others were all regulars in the Texas based series.



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Thanks TXTom, curious your true identity?

Anyway, now we're getting somewhere on this.  Can you post the results or the program for those races?  I did get info from Bolin that said it was in 1984 and the race was not a TIDA race but rather a All Pro Central.  Does that help any?

Wish I had dated these pics when I took them.

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All PRO Central sounds right for the Texas group.. I believe Leroy Farmer had a hand in promoting that. And, TIDA Late Models were not formed until 1988. The only race in 1988 in Corpus for the TIDA late models was won by Rick Rapp.

The race results for the two National tour ALL PRO races at CC Speedway and also the race held the next day at San Antonio can be found in this link:

ALL Pro results . Go down to the CC and SAS listings for the run downs. Races # 15,16, AND 17. Some of my narrative also came from a 1985  ALL PRO program that has brief recaps of the 1984 races.

As for the ALL PRO Central results, I have never seen them listed anywhere.

And txtom is a shortened version of a nickname I first got in the Military in the 80's. It started out as 'TexasTom" but i shortened it so i wouldn't  have to type so damn many letters. My real name is Tom Taylor, but most on here and at the tracks I venture to know me by texastom or txtom.

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