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Thanks for the help!

Neal Rogers

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While at HMP during the first practice sesssion we were involved in and unfortunate accident that involved myself and another ROOKIE driver. My truck looked like it was ready for the scrap pile. Terry Dickerson came over and told us that he would do whatever he could to get us back in the race. I cant tell you how glad i am to be racing in his series. Listed below are the people that were insturmental in getting us back into the race. If i forgot anyone i apologize.


I would like to thank Terry Dickerson, Terry Barden, HMP management and staff for the use of their garage area and thier willingness to get us where we could make the race. Rusty Mirth 07 for the use of his power tool, Sorry about your finger! Keith Patrick 21 and crew for the use of your welder, my pit crew Jim and Jesse for all your hard work....Great job guys! I belive their was a coulpe of SLM guys the 5 and 13 that lended us some tools, and everyone else that lended a hand in getting my truck back to where we were able to make the race.


With out your help and hard work i would not have been able to start the race. Thank Ya'll.... Hope we can we can return the favor some where down the road.




Neal Rogers

#3 USRA Truck

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