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HMP-TSTRS Social Media Exposure


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Racers/ Team Owners/ Fans,

Something I've been watching closely and noticed a trend in is our exposure to social media at our local tracks. I see tons upon tons of post showing action at others tracks around the nation and these tracks have some serious car counts and tons of sponsors. Which just as many of you may imagine of the track and cars are getting exposure, more will jump on.

I know I may only be a racer and team owner, however I ask that everyone use social media (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook) effectively with the right hashtags. I think Facebook is old news and everyone uses Instagram mostly, with that said, pull them phones out take pictures and video of live actions. We need more people to know this track exist and we'd like to continue turning laps on it. 

Any representatives from TSTRS please post any and all hashtags we should use in order to be most effective. 

Much Appreciated,


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