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TSTRS - Letter to Racers Sept 3 2019


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Hey guys!


   I want to start out by saying the comments, the participation, and efforts of all the racers, teams and family on getting things back on track and moving forward has been just awesome.  It is truly what propels me forward.  I cannot stress this enough, it is contagious and makes a huge impact on racing as a whole - dirt and asphalt!   And while you are giving continuously, I need to ask for a little more help.

  As you know we are new guys, a new team.  We are still putting the grease on,  as the wheels start turning.  We have a great team - I mean great!  I should sell radio access to Brad Bush race directing.  It would knock your socks off.  That grace comes with a strong right hand, and he has that in Tiffany.  That's for damn sure.  Todd and JT can be put in any position at the track and be able to do it.  And Denny in Tech, Jack..... - someone should total the years of experience in that one building alone.  Mark Stevens has helped us keep the internet-connected so we can stay up and running, and that is a monumental FEAT. Wow.  I feel like it is coming together, and am super excited at some things coming. However, there is something I need to get under control and need more help with.

  What I need from race teams is help keeping up with your passes you are paying for.  I know this is a lot to manage, but it is even greater on our side.  The radio calls I get from the front gate about people not having passes, or wondering why they have to pay or was told they get in free by someone they support....is off the charts.  What results is a lot of people not paying, getting discounts or getting pissed off at the girls upfront.  And then what results is I lose a good employee because of the frustration of the whole thing.   We are going to offer early registration to all teams to help with this.  But if you come to the track please bring your pit pass list and leave us a check or credit card info.  If you want to pay for people coming out to watch you race, then we will have a list for that that people sign in on that will be added to the full tab.  If there is a limit, tell us and we will cap it off.   

  I am kind of disheartened how some underestimate the importance of paying for things right now. I ask you to please not take advantage of our growing pains, when we make an error on charging you please pay us correctly.   If you rent a golf cart and we did not collect on it - please pay for it.  If you hear someone say they somehow got in free and was not supposed to, pay us for them or give them crap about it.  I am amazed at how many people claim to be someone they are not, to get a free pit pass.  And then when that person comes up to collect their paid for pit pass, it takes extra time and results in lost revenue.  Not to mention the stress it puts on the worker having to do it multiple times throughout the evening. Or having to ask for an ID for a dang pit pass.   And if we make a mistake - tell us!  We cannot get better if we do not know.

  There are new ways of doing things that we are evaluating so we can get you guys on the track as seamless as possible.  Please help us with this process! Share ideas and thoughts with me - gina@tstrseries.com.

If you want to prepay for anything, email my daughter, Taylor -  taylor@tstrseries.com.  Entry fees, pit passes, etc  If it rains out, it will roll to the next race.  If for some reason you cannot make it, you will get refunded or can apply it to the next race.  

For those of you racers who bring your list with a check or credit card, THANK YOU!  :) 

Thank everyone for your patience and support!


Let's get to racing!

Next race Sept 28th  


(713) 907-0906



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Tough situation there.   At one time, i owned a couple of bars and the only way to keep things straight was to pay for my own drinks.  That was the only way i could keep everyone else from wanting to be on my tab.   When they knew I paid for my drinks, they never asked for freebies.   You may try that, make everyone pay and then reimburse those who earn it.  That will cut out most of everyone thinking they are someone.  LOL

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