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NHRA Summit Racing Series Bracket Race #6 @ Alamo City Motorplex 8/31/19

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NHRA Summit Racing Series Bracket Race #6 @ Alamo City Motorplex 8/31/19

By JM Hallas


Marion, TX.,(Aug., 31st, 2019) As the NHRA Division 4 Finals approach and the points season winds down, round #6 of the Alamo City Motorplex Summit Racing Series set up drivers for the big race at the Texas Motorplex, September 14-16. The track was in excellent shape despite surface temperatures of near 120 in time trials, cooling to about 105 as first round of eliminations hit the track.


While the official track points still have two more races remaining, qualifiers for team finals would be determined at the end of the night. In Super Pro it's David Bills leading the way over Greg Meuth by 20 with a pair of Hernandez', Ronnie and Jonathan, third and fourth and Tina Hudel rounding out the top five. In Pro Gene Herbold heads the field by 24 over Corky Weeks, with Harold Shimek, Chuck Van Buren and Gilbert Hernadez.


The Sportsman class has Ronald Gordner out front by only 5 over Rhett Floyd, with Shelby Spencer(gone off to college), her dad Jim Spencer and Trent Johnson in the top five. Motorcycle class shows Ricky Kay out front of wife, Brenda, with Devin Monaco third, Michael Mathews fourth and Mad Mike fifth.


Big Win for Bills in Super Pro

David Bills(Marion) added another win to his total Saturday night going up against one of best in the finals, Peeps Pennington(Three Rivers). When you have two guys consistently banging their numbers all night, it normally comes down to starting line advantage. Bills, in his 2004 Undercover Dragster laid a .007 light on Pennington in his new 2019 Dragster, caught him in the speed traps and grabbed the victory by about 6/1000th at the stripe.


David Bills(4.45) 4.459 @ 150.80 defeats Peeps Pennington(4.62) 4.627 @ 147.25


“This is a big win for me,” said Bills. “It all but wraps up the track points championship and qualifies me for the Race of Champions at the team finals. The track title is not totally solidified, but the teams have to be turned in this week. Greg(Meuth) is going to miss the next race so he won't be able to catch me for the track points.”


“There's always a lot of gamesmanship going on out there, at both ends. You try to judge how fast you're catching someone as you're coming to the line. I caught Peeps at the first MPH cone and just eased back enough to stay ahead. It's all part of the game. It's a lot harder racing someone like Leroy(O'Bryant) because the speed differential is so great. Even I have a hard time judging the stripe.”


Bills got to the finals taking out J. Hernandez, Michael Pennington, Jay Fitzgerald and Leroy O'Bryant with a bye in the semis. Pennington took wins over Lance Borela, Matt Esper, Emily Ball, Jeff Rabedeau and Mike Atkinson.


Zampese in a Zone in Pro

Former track promoter Todd Zampese(Universal City) is one of tracks toughest to beat at his home track and sometimes you try a bit too much. Lee Miller, in his little S-10 Chevy Pick Up did just that trying to win it at the tree, but went .004 red handing the win to T. Zampese in the shorty Fox Chassis Dragster who shut off early coasting to the win.


Todd Zampese(5.52) 5.877 @ 92.01 defeats Lee Miller(7.04) 6.94 @ 97.93


T. Zampese got to the finals going through Robert Sandoval(twice), Wendell Dockery, Gabriel Hernandez and J. Soileau with a semi finals bye. Miller bested Jaime Longoria, R. Trevino, Hector Aguilera, Nelson Friedeck, and J. Allen plus a round 4 bye.


Sportsman Shootout to Johnson

It was sort of the old tale between the tortoise and hare in the Sportsman finals pitting a pair of San Antonio racers, Trent Johnson and Jerry Longoria. Johnson, in his 2016 Dodge Charger gave up over two and half second on the tree to Longoria's 2012 Ford Expedition who nailed an .058 light. Both drove it out the back in a double break out finish awarded to Johnson the least offender making his buy back pay off.


Trent Johnson(8.18) 8.14 @ 88.18 defeats Jerry Longoria(10.85) 10.77 @ 62.81


On his way to the finals Johnson trailered C. Stanbaugh and A. Trevino with a round 2 bye after losing to Silvia Zemgals in round one. Longoria took wins over A. Jahns, W. Donnell, Zemgals and got a bye in the semis.


Holman Hustles to Motorcyle Money

Paul Holman(Houston) used an ol' fashion hole shot to get the win over James Marlett in the Motorcyle finals. Hulman, on his 1984 Suzuki tripped a .043 light on Marlett's(2008 Kawasaki) .125. Holman carried that advantage to the stripe despite Marlett running closer to his number and closing quickly.


Paul Holman(7.20) 7.234 @ 92.02 defeats James Marlett(5.64) 5.657 @ 119.71


Holman defeated Mad Mike, Brenda Kay and Ricky Kay(twice). Marlett bettered T. Thomas, Don, C. Mingle and had a round 1 bye.

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