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Labor Day Classic at HMP this Saturday, Aug 31

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If you like racing then HMP is the place to be this Labor Day Weekend.

Saturday is the ADVANCE AUTO PARTS Labor Day Classic!
Come out and enjoy the end of summer with short track asphalt racing at its best.  Gates open 5pm, racing starts at 6pm.  The 1st 100 kids get a FREE checkered flag,  get it autographed by the drivers at the "Meet the drivers on the track" or just use it to cheer on your favorites! 

Adv Auto Parts Labor Day


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I got asked an interesting question when I passed a few of these out to people I know, that question being " I didn't know you got a truck, are you racing trucks or pro mods now?"

My answering is obviously that I run Super Stocks, which brings to light. For someone who has never been to one of these races could only assume there are only (2) classes racing and may not care for either one of them. A lot of people love the eco-stocks, legacys, nas karts and dwarfs as well. My point is that it these posters may be more effective to get fans out there if they knew what all they'd be expecting.

I believe that the trucks and pro mods are just a small part of the show that deserve just as much attention as the other classes.

Just wanted to give some perspective from a fans point of view. 

With that said, I'm just going to assume Super Stocks are running this Saturday and continue to slave away at getting it ready. 

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