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Kevin Green won his second IMCA Modified Championship in four years at Heart O Texas Speedway

5Kevin Green was the IMCA Modified feature winner and the 2019 IMCA Modified Champion. 

By Don Cook

Heart O Texas Speedway (Elm, Mott, TX)
August 23 (Friday)

2019 Track Champions were crowned at Heart O Texas Speedway, in Elm Mott, TX, Friday night! It was the final points night of the season for all the weekly classes including the IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Southern SportMods, IMCA Stock Cars, Street Stocks, Factory Stocks, Jr. Limiteds and Sport Compacts. Friday’s Showcard also included the Race of Champions, Mechanics Race, and a Powder Puff Race. Topping off the evening was the wild and crazy Trailer Race! Check out all the exciting racing action and family fun from Friday night below: 


Modified Feature Winner: Kevin Green, No. 5, was your IMCA Modified feature winner and the 2019 IMCA Modified Champion! This is the second Modified Championship that Kevin has won in four years at Heart O Texas Speedway. Eric Tomlinson, No. 45t, was second, Justin Radcliff, No. 11j, was third, David Goode Jr., No. 7g, was fourth and P.J. Ebert, No. 707, was fifth. Chris Morris, Cody Daniel, Donald Banker, Brent Gilliam, Jason Kingrey, and Derek Scott Jr., rounded out the field. Eleven cars started the feature.

Green 5    mods

2019 Modified Champion: Kevin Green, No. 5.

To view a video of the Modified feature, click below:


SportMod Feature Winner: Jeff Shepperd No. 17, was your IMCA SportMod feature winner and your 2019 IMCA SportMod Champion! Gabe Tucker, No. 95, was second, Damon Hammond, No. 116. was third, Kaden Honeycutt, No. 37, fourth and Taylor Florio, No. 21t, was fifth. Baley Currey, Larry Underwood, Chris Cogburn, Steve Hayes, Mike Land, and Austin Moore, rounded out the field. Eleven cars started the feature.


2019 SportMod Champion: Jeff Shepperd, No. 17.

To view a video of the SportMod feature, click below:


Stock Car Feature Winner: Westin Abbey, No. 12, was your IMCA Stock Car feature winner and your 2019 IMCA Stock Car Champion! Jason Batt, No. 9, was second, Travis Norman, No. 3x was third, A.J. Dancer, No. 52, was fourth and Buck Owens, No. 8, was fifth. Kenny Merritt, Allison Morris, John Frydrych, Brandon Hood, and Ray Vann, rounded out the field. Ten cars started the feature.

Abbey 12 istock

2019 Stock Car Champion: Westin Abbey, No. 12.

To view a video of the Stock Car feature, click below:


Street Stock Feature Winner: Wade White, No. 68, was your Street Stock feature winner and your 2019 Street Stock Champion! Kevin Smith, No. 57, was second, Tommy Kirkpatrick, No. 71, was third, Billy Rupert, No. 39b, was fourth and Drew Garcia, No. 9g, was fifth. Mark McDaniel, Joe Williams, Eddie Thompson, Barry Gaston and Kristin Boytis, rounded out the top ten. Fourteen cars started the feature.

White 68 street

2019 Street Stock Champion: Wade White, No. 68.

To view a video of the Street Stock feature, click below:


Factory Stock Feature Winner: Shannon Dulock, No. 47, was your Factory Stock feature winner! Grant Wollam, No. 26, was second, Stanley Smith, No. 27, was third, James Schoenrock, No. 37, was fourth and Michael Guenat, No. 25, was fifth. Like Land, Blaine Simcik, Kenneth Dean, Westin Abbey, and Justin Lamar, rounded out the top ten. Westin Abbey, No. 77, picked up his second 2019 Championship this time in the Factory Stocks. Thirteen cars started the feature.

Abbey 77 factory

2019 Factory Stock Champion: Westin Abbey, No. 77.

To view a video of the Factory Stock feature, click below:


Jr. Limited Feature Winner: Trevor Cogburn, No. 601, was your feature winner and your 2019 Jr. Limited Champion! Corbin Willett, Kaleb Emerson, Haley Moore, Wyatt Sexton, and Hope Gaston, rounded out the field. 

601 jr limit

2019 Jr. Limited Champion: Trevor Cogburn, No. 601.

580 sport2

2019 Sport Compact Champion: Derek Cates, No. 580.

Sign   3


51 7Race fans please support our sponsors.


IMG_8060Thanks to all the race fans that came out tonight and for supporting Heart O Texas Speedway this season!

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Thanks to the TMS Speedway Media Crew for covering Heart O Texas Speedway for the Grassroots Nascar Show.

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Heart O Texas Speedway’s next event is the 22nd Annual Fall Classic/Dwarf Car Nationals, Oct. 24, 25, and 26! Oct. 24, Practice Night, Oct. 25, Qualifying Night and Oct. 26, Championship Night! 

For the latest information, go to: www.heartotexasspeedway.com

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Stacy Kolar is the OFFICIAL Photographer for Heart O Texas Speedway!

For all your photo needs, see Stacy at: southernsassphotos.com

To view a photo slideshow from Heart O Texas Speedway, click on the link below: 

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