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Sirizzotti hororary starter for TSRS at THR

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Sirizzotti to be Honorary Starter for TSRS Race at Thunder Hill Raceway




Contact: Dani Promotions, 512.255.3190


Sirizzotti to be Honorary Starter for TSRS Race at Thunder Hill Raceway


Kyle, TX (May 20, 2005) - Fourteen-year-old Kyle Sirizzotti – the 2004 Lonestar Legacy Rookie of the Year – was disappointed to find out yesterday (Thursday) he would not be able to run in this Saturday’s Texas Super Racing Series (TSRS) race, the Capital Area Food Bank 100, at Thunder Hill Raceway (Kyle, TX).


It would have been the youngster’s debut in the series, but he lost out on his chance when his Late Model car was involved in a crash May 14 in the Late Model race at Thunder Hill Raceway (THR).


But on the same day his crew chief (John Toudouze) told him his car couldn’t be fixed in time for this Saturday’s race, Sirizzotti got an invitation from TSRS owner/founder Mary Ann Naumann to be the honorary starter for Saturday’s TSRS race at THR.


“I can’t say what this honor means to Kyle,” said his mother, Sharon. “He was so disappointed his car couldn’t get fixed in time for this Saturday’s race. But Mary Ann Naumann and the entire TSRS staff showed their class by lifting his spirits with their invitation to be the Honorary Starter on Saturday.”


“I’m very excited,” said Kyle, a former USAC Quarter Midgets National Champion and current driver in the Allison Legacy series. “I feel bad that we wrecked our car last (Saturday) at Thunder Hill in the Late Model race. It was my first ride in that class and I certainly hope the Thunder Hill Late Model drivers won’t hold that against me.”


The younger Sirizzotti added, “I’d also like to thank Brian Callaway and the THR staff for their support last Saturday. Brian and many of his staff came up to me after the races and they were very encouraging. I appreciated that.”


“We look forward to running with TSRS later in the season,” said Toudouze, a former dirt track driver who’s been the only crew chief Sirizzotti has known. “It’s too bad we couldn’t get the car fixed up in time for this Saturday, but we learned quite a bit in the short time we were out on the track. We will learn a lot just by watching the TSRS race and meeting with their drivers.”


Sirizzotti will meet with TSRS officials and drivers at the series driver’s meeting this Saturday, then meet-and-greet THR fans during the heat races. Sirizzotti will then man the flag stand and drop the green flag for the TSRS feature race, the Capital Area Food Bank 100.


Tickets for the Capital Area Food Bank100 are only $12.00 for adults and $6.00 for children between ages 6-12. Children under 5 are free. Fans are encouraged to bring nutritious, high-protein canned goods to be donated to CAFB. In return for their donations, race fans will receive a maximum $2.00 discount per ticket for food they bring as thanks from Thunder Hill Raceway for supporting this cause.


For more information on CAFB, visit www.austinfoodbank.org. For more information on the Texas Super Racing Series visit www.manracingpromotions.com.

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Received this Email from Mary Ann Naumann today.




Yes Chuck, we too were disappointed to hear that Kyle's car would not be ready for the Capital Area Food Bank 100 with the Texas Super Racing Series, we are honored to have Kyle is joining our incredible Late Model Series and were looking forward to have him at this event, although we certainly understand and we are really excited that he has agreered to meet & greet the fans throughout the evening, especially for the children, they love this! Not only will Sara with the Capital Area Food Bank be a part of the start of this big event, but now Kyle will be joining her!


We have some of the most beautiful Late Model cars coming in from all over Texas to participate in this exciting race, hope to see everyone there! We know lots of graduations are going on and we understand May is a full schedule month for many, this event is the last one on the schedule, so maybe for those having other obligations earlier in the evening, they can still get there in time for the Capital Area Food Bank 100!


Thanks so much,

Mary Ann

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