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Knudtson Second after Two Wins

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Release: May 17, 2005


Boerne's Knudtson Second at San Antonio Speedway after Two Wins for Viking Racing Camaro in Two Weeks


San Antonio – Eric Knudtson laughed when a caller asked on Monday what happened on Saturday, when the Boerne driver and his Viking Racing Chevrolet Camaro smoked the field in the heat race, then ran second to Steve Ramzinski in the Sportsman feature at San Antonio Speedway after winning the last two weeks in a row.


"Steve drove a good race," Knudtson said. "He led all the way, while we were busy trying to get through the field behind him. It is nice to be asked, 'why didn't you win?' like we should be winning every week."


San Antonio driver Ramzinski ran second in his heat race, but started ahead of Knudtson due to the points standings and the inverted field. Ramzinski jumped into the lead while points leader Knudtson and another contender, Tater Mason of San Antonio, were climbing through the pack. Then Knudtson and Mason got together going into turn one, and the race got interesting.


"I was up under Tater going into the first turn and he came down on me. I don't know what happened; maybe a blown tire on Tater's car or something broke, because he wouldn't come down on me on purpose when I was alongside him. He spun and hit the wall a ton and I was able to make it through the gap where the ambulance is usually parked. Just lucky."


Mason was done after 14 laps and Knudtson was sent to the back of the field under the "all involved go to the rear" rule. That set up a charge to the front by Knudtson that came up just short, despite a late yellow flag that bunched the field up again with just a few laps to go.


"I raced as hard as I could and couldn't get to Steve in time," he said Monday. "Maybe if I'd had another lap or two, but who knows. I know I tried as hard as I could, and I was one of the first to get out of my car and go congratulate Steve. I sure wanted the win, but it would have been pretty tough for Ramzinski to lead the whole race and lose it on the last lap, so I can't say I'm sorry we finished second. Anyway, we didn't give it to him; he earned it."


Knudtson pointed out last week there had been three different winners in four races, and now there are four winners in five races. Only Knudtson has won more than once, and that means it's anybody's championship right now. They'll saddle up again Saturday night at SAS for "Craftsman Night at the Races," and the season is getting more interesting by the week.



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