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Speedzone is signing off

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Mike Knotts … As you posted on Face Book, “A sad day for Texas Motorsport”.


YES … It is a sad day to read the recent announcement by LSSZ Administrator Nick Holt that Lone Star Speedzone is signing off effective October 1, 2018.


It was inevitable that Nick would have to eventually sign off and terminate the Lone Star Speedzone site. LSSZ has been a valuable segment of motorsports and concerning local asphalt Texas auto racing when the sport was active and still vital in the state of Texas.


It would seem apparent the termination of Lone Star Speedzone simply mirrors the current status of the sport in Texas. It was inevitable and Nick Holt could only do what he regrettably has done.


Thank both Mike Knotts and Nick Holt for your many years of participation in and support of various elements within Texas racing and particularly the Texas Pro Sedans.



Neil Upchurch



Texas Pro Sedans

TIDA Late Model Series

Texas Race of Champions at Texas World Speedway


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