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The question we ALL are wondering...how did Jason do at CCMS??

Well, Jason....how did you do?

I guess my flashlight & 100 mph duct tape didn't work too well! :D

One word of advice...

you gotta turn the key to get the car to start!!!!

Also, I have never seen someone cause a caution BEFORE the race ever got started!!




(Hallas put me up to this!) :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:B)


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<yawn!> ouch! That new Bud Select tastes pretty good...it's just the "day after" taste that's getting me! Where is my Loritab? :D


JASON! you up yet? After you didn't start the feature, no one could find you. Where did you go? You weren't hiding were you? :ph34r:

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No Sam,

You and Chuck agreed it was outriggers now...no plow!


And racerx,

nice meeting you, hope you had a good time down here.

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