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Internet Broadcasts Now Available in Central Texas

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Contact: K-MAC Sports, 512.388.1184


Internet Broadcasts Now Available in Central Texas


As the world of Internet broadcasting grows, so does its reach and the availability of doing an Internet broadcast.


Now, there’s a pair of companies in Central Texas offering the opportunity for individuals – as well as community groups and businesses – to broadcast any event over the Internet.


K-MAC Sports, along with Hill Country Networks of Cedar Park, can set up and do live Internet broadcasts at most any event for just a nominal fee and a working phone line at the event. K-MAC Sports and Hill Country Networks combined to broadcast the district games for Round Rock Independent School District (RRISD) on one of K-MAC’s web sites, VRNSports.com.


In fact, K-MAC Sports was just awarded the RRISD Sports Internet broadcast contract for the 2005-06 school season. Chuck Licata, a partner with Kevin McAdams in K-MAC Sports, is currently hosting a live Sunday night Internet Motor Sports show on VRNSports.com.


“We’re very sports-oriented but the technology allows us to do a broadcast from most any venue with very little space requirement,” McAdams said. “We could broadcast an event for any city’s Chamber of Commerce; a cultural event or business opening; do a series of broadcasts from a community event; or broadcast an auto race at a race track or a championship game for a Youth League sports organization. We could pretty much do anything, as long as we have access to a good phone line. And broadcasting on the Internet allows anyone with a computer – from anywhere in the country or world – to hear that broadcast. That makes for quite the ‘potential’ audience.”


Hill Country Networks is the foundation of Wham Wireless, which delivers High Speed Internet to homes and businesses in Cedar Park and Leander (TX). Wham Wireless and Hill Country Networks is owned by Doug Watkins, who is supported by a staff that includes David Farley (Operations Manager) and Eric Farmer (Network Administrator). Information about Hill Country Networks and Wham Wireless can be obtained by calling 1-877-FOR-WHAM.


According to Radio and Internet Newsletter (RAIN) Magazine: Internet (broadcasting and) radio is pulling in a weekly AQH of about 250,000 listeners. Factor in the typical hour-by-hour pattern for the medium (it's extremely heavy Monday throught Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and that brings in a midday AQH of about 500,000. Virtually every consumer with a PC already owns the hardware they need to listen to Internet radio at their desk. (There are only 500,000 satellite radios out there, but there are tens of millions of PCs that are effectively Internet radios out there.) And within just a couple of years, virtually all cell phones and PDAs are going to have (A) the Wi-Fi access and (B) the media player software required to turn them into Internet radios too.


“We’re upgrading equipment on a regular basis,” McAdams added. “We’re always working on both short-term and long-term goals so that we can provide quality broadcasts now and even better broadcasts in the future.”


Information and questions about setting up an Internet broadcast can be obtained by contacting K-MAC Sports at (512) 388-1184.

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