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Racing Sunday Evening May 27th


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63 this weekend, we had some big car drivers going at it, Greg Carlucci jr, Wade Jones, Marcus Mikulencak, Cody Leonard, the Jackson Brothers, Jamie Dear, Chucke Barber, Jarrett Barber, Tryton Temple, Jerry Book, and others it was awesome racing all the way around! 

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Was way to tired to attend  tried to get up and go but body said no ..I missed our little cart 46 Sandoval s grandson  winning his  first heat and feature  at l87.might be good luck for me not being there you think  ...just glad he finally listen to some advice from this old guy bout his driving .and listen to the other three folks as well ..we knew he had a winning  car just needed a driver and I think he became one  or least headed that direction ...glad l87 put on this show and it looks to be a big winner  I have enjoyed that racetrack every time I get to go .they make you feel welcomed and part of the family .the parents may grumble about some little thing with on the track cars at times .but  we  must  think . it is those kids who are  having  a blast it is their time to shine and take the front row from mom and dad and be the stars that day .and that is what has to count nothing else matters .

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