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No fine for hitting NASCAR Official with bottle


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So, it's a major fine if you let the "s" word slip out, but no fine at all if you hit a NASCAR official with a thrown water bottle? What am I missing here?


This from USA Today, 5/10/05 edition.


"No fine for Busch...this time: #97-Kurt Busch crashed on the first lap of

Saturday's race at Darlington Raceway, forcing him to retreat to the garage

area for repairs. He eventually re-entered the race but later ignored

officials' instructions during a caution period on where he should line up

for a restart. Busch was ordered to pit road to serve a penalty. Busch

responded with offensive language over his in-car radio communications

system, revved his engine when officials ordered him to shut his car off and

threw a water bottle that hit an official standing in his pit area. Roush

Racing President Geoff Smith says Busch was frustrated by the crash, which

left him nursing a damaged, uncompetitive car around a narrow, difficult

track for the rest of the night to gain championship points. Busch has been

involved in a total of seven on-track incidents this season, tied for

third-most in the series this year, according to USA TODAY database

research. Smith says Busch lost his temper after officials assessed a

penalty Smith called "questionable. So he fought it - and lost, of course,"

Smith says. Smith doesn't expect Busch to receive further penalties from

NASCAR this week. "I think he is definitely aware of where he stands today,"

NASCAR vice president of communications Jim Hunter said in an e-mail.

"Without going into any further detail, he certainly knows NASCAR is not

going to tolerate any future temper tantrums. President Mike Helton made our

position very clear." Says Smith: "He's now on notice. So if there's

anything else, there's going to be a penalty associated with it."


Nick Holt

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Dale Jr. gets a big hit last year for saying S??? and 2 years ago Stewart had to attend an angry management class for not even half of what this guy is doing. I guess when you are a pretty boy with a big name team owner it is all ok for the first 10 times then we might slap you with a one dollar fine just so they can say they fined you.

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Let's not get too worked up on this one just yet...


While I'm certainly not defending NSACAR by any means...


Remember, NASCAR did call Mr. Busch to the trailer and - apparently - gave him his "final" notice of "no more tolerance"...


The fine would have been IN ADDITION TO what NASCAR has already said to Mr. Busch..basically, he's now on "double secret" probation and another violation will probably result in suspension...


Don't forget, Junior fans..The swearing by Junior already had precedent...


Just my .02.. ;)

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maybe he needs another bit%h slap from jimmy spencer. :lol:

97 is now and forever a past champion , whether you like him or not-maybe spencer could use a little motivational slap....you know his carrer is in full leaps and bounds.....

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I dont like him, he is a lil punk...Put Spencer into a Roush car and see what he can do. You have got to have the money to be up front. You will never see a one car team win the championship. Busch can flap those ears and fly away, never be missed!

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