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Drivers setting an example


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Ok.. I want to call something else out that I think is totally AWESOME from Saturday night…


I want to thank the following people:

James Reeder Alvin Stewart

Tommy Gural Leland Waddell

Ricky Gavin Charles Buxton

David Snokhous Ian Webster

Larry Stein Teresa Gural

Bobby Joe New Jim Teague


During out of car introductions, I was walking thru the field with Twyla our Jr. VIP for the night. Every driver gave her special attention. Posing for pictures, putting her up on the car and waving to the crowd, signing the back of her JRA tee shirt the list goes on. You set the example Saturday night!!! And it was a great example.. A first time fan even posted on Thunder Hills forum about how he like the kids being involved. Everyone one of you acted like All-Stars Saturday…

Thank you

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