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THIS is why the racing family is the best!

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Hey folks...

Here's part of an email some of us got from Mr. Bob Lyle...the gentleman whom we asked that you send a "get well, come racing soon" email...


It just goes to show how INCREDIBLE the racing family in Texas is!!!!!! Those of you who sent him an email, thank you...you certainly lifted his sprits, enough that he REALLY hopes to get out to THR this season..


While Mr. Lyle was nice enough to say a couple kind words about me...this is NOT about me--it's about YOU, the wonderful folks on the racing community!!


I hope you all give yourselves a pat on the back..this is the kind of message that should give you a good feeling about yourself..no doubt, you're all VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE... :D



I cannot begin to express my thanks for all the get-well-soon email I've

received over the past few days from the racing community members all over the

state of Texas.


I've heard from racers, crew members, owners, announcers, photographers and a

few fans, too! I was completely mystified as to the source of my sudden

notoriety, but I got a few clues in an email from Lori B in Tyler.


She recommended I check out the Texas Speedzone web site..and the David Starr

web site and that I listen to Chuck Licata on KVET-AM radio on Sunday morning.


I started off with a couple of Google searches on my pc and it's amazing what

you can find on the Internet! I found a couple of excellent web sites and I

discovered the source of my sudden "15 minutes of fame" was none other than

Chuck Licata and a posting he made after meeting my daughter a few nights ago!


I had no idea what was going on, just that I was receiving get-well wishes and

prayers from total strangers all throughout the racing community! I know these

are a great group of people because I've been involved with stock car racing

since I was a baby...and that was a LONG time ago!


My father (Gene Lyle) used to race with AJ Foyt (among others) at the Playland

Park racetrack in Houston when I was a kid. He passed away in 1961 at the age of

38 from a heart attack, attributed to carbon monoxide poisoning damaging his

heart. He left behind a wife and 7 children and the two of us older sons have

maintained the love of racing that he passed on to us.


My older brother ran late-models in the Jonesboro, Arkansas area in the late

70's - early 80's but I spent those years in the USAF and was never able to

afford to "go racing" at any higher level than local bracket drag-racing while

stationed in Georgia.


I've lived in the Austin area since 1980 and used to attend the races at the old

Longhorn Speedway, then switched to the dirt track in Waco when Longhorn shut

down. I've been attending the races at Thunder Hill Raceway for the past couple

of years and love the action there!


As all of you know, I've had some serious health issues over the past year and

they have kept me from attending many events, although I did make it out several

times early last season. I'm especially susceptible to the heat, so it's tough

to get out much when it's summertime in Texas, although those snow-cones at the

track sure do make it more bearable!


I wanted to take this chance to personally thank you all for the heartfelt

wishes and prayers you've delivered to a complete stranger...


Yes, I even listened to "The MZone" as Lori recommended...and heard Chuck

recount his tale of meeting my daughter Patti and how it can to pass that I got

all this attention. What a guy...to take a trivial piece of information he

learns in the checkout lane at the grocery store and make the time to not only

post it in a request for the entire racing community to help out, but to mention

it on his radio talk show!


I'm not ashamed to admit that I was embarrassed and I cried when I heard it on

the air!


My health issues notwithstanding, I'll be back out at Thunder Hill Raceway come

Hell or high water...and SOON!


Thank you to all the people who responded to Chuck's plea and took time out of

their busy schedules to write to me, sending me those 'get-well-soon' wishes and

sending their prayers my way, too! You'll never know how special it makes me

feel..and how special I think you all are!


May God bless you all and keep you safe.



Many Thanks,

Bob Lyle

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Guest rocketdog15

Hey, I'm not trying to get into anybody's business, but couldn't some body set up Mr. Bob Lyle in the press booth, or one of those air conditioned suites in turn 1 and 2, to help him out with his heat issues. Good racing people are hard to come by these days, and this gentleman could be accommodated somehow. I run at SAS, but we need to hold on to our fans at all the local tracks in the area. jmo.

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