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I-37 Speedway 4-29-05 Full Results

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I-37 Speedway 4-29-05 Full Results


Another fantastic night of racing! It don't get much better than this


Street Stocks


Heat Races


Heat 1 (top 3)


1. 79 Randy Guzman

2.11j David Boggs

3.25 Johnny Torres


Heat 2


1.51 Don Lewis

2.247 Bryan Lorenz

3.40 Albert Winiger Jr


Ten cars would come out for the 20 Lap Feature race. David Boggs would pace them to the green flag. But before they even started, the 18 of Shawn Moore would pull into the infield and out of the race.


On the drop of the green, Boggs would get the jump over 2004 Pure Stock Champion, Darin Leonard. The race would be red flagged before a half lap was completed for the rolled car of Bryan Lorenz. Lorenz got out of shape and spun his car into the infield. The car would catch one of the tires that mark the edge of the track and barrel roll four times. Lorenz would thankfully walk away unhurt. Sadly, the car wasn't so lucky.


On the restart, Boggs would get the lead again. On lap three, Don Lewis would take over the second spot from Darin Leonard. Albert Winiger Jr would retire from the race on lap four. The race would see its second red flag on lap five, when the car driven by Ben Anderlich left the speedway over the turn three tire wall. Anderlich would be ok, as he drove his car back into the pits.


Boggs continued in the lead as racing resumed. Randy Guzman would get the third spot from Leonard on lap six. As the cars went under the crossed flags, the top three of Boggs, Lewis and Guzman would be racing nose to tail Two laps later Lewis would move move beside the leader Boggs and race side by side out of turn to. Boggs would hold off the Lewis machine. Three laps later, the scene would repeat itself, and the result would be the same. One lap later Lewis would spin in turn four to bring out the yellow flag. Lewis had help spinning out, so was givin his spot back. The offending car was the one driven by Guzman, and he was sent to the back.


The top five for the four lap shoot out was Bogg, Lewis, Mike Mclaughlin, Johnny Torres, and Leonard. Bogg continued on point as the green came out. On lap seventeen Boggs and Lewis would bump coming out of turn four. On the same lap, Leonard would pull off the track. Boggs would go one and claim his first win of the year.


David Boggs is 42 years old from Pleasanton. The winning car is a Monty Carlo powered by a 350 Chevy engine. He is sponsored by PCI Transportation, Mission Auto Parts, and Denis Hilla Auto Service. On hand to celebrate in victory lane were his wife Shelly, and three daughters, Breley, Chaslin, and Katlin.




1.11j David Boggs

2.51 Don Lewis

3.2m Mick Mclaughlin

4.79 Randy Guzman

5.25 Johnny Torres

6.26 Darrin Leonard

7.48 Ben Anderlich

8.40 Albert Wininger

9.247 Brian Lorenz

10.18 Shawn “Hot Shot” Moore


Pure Stocks


Heat Races


Heat 1 (top 3)


1.4 Abraham Mares

2.67 Allen Torres

3.70 “Fly'n” Brian Cook


Heat 2


1.17 Devin Adler

2.63 Andy Mendoza

3.23 Sean Terry



Thirteen car lined up for the twenty lap Pure Stock feature. Unfortunately, only twelve would start, as Stephan Hawkins would pull off on the pace lap. Pacing the field was J. D. Reynolds in his Chrysler, but Devin Adler would get the jump on him when the green flew. On lap two, Sean Terry would move up from his sixth place starting spot to take over third. Two laps later Allen Torres would move into the fourth spot from eleventh place on the grid. One lap later, Torres would get around Terry for third. And Torres would continue the march to the front when on lap seven he would get by Reynolds for second place.


Adler's time on the point would come to an end on lap nine, as Torres completed his march to the front and took the lead. As the cars passed the crossed flags, Terry would slow and take his car to the pits. Adler would come back and edge his way into the lead on lap fourteen as the leaders caught lapped traffic. But his time at the point would be brief as Brian Cook would loop his car in turn four. Scoring reverted a lap, and Torres was back in the lead for the restart.


The lap fourteen restart would see the top five as Torres, Adler, Abraham Mares, Cook, Rusty Henley. Torres and Adler would bang doors in turn one fighting for the lead. Torres would prevail. Mares would get by Adler for second on lap fifteen. Yellow would come out on lap sixteen as Cook again had problems in turn four. The restart order would be, Torres, Mares, Adler, Paul Reyes, Andy Mendoza.


Torres would prove to be unbeatable when the race resumed; he lead the final 5 circuits.


Allen Torres is 15 years old form San Antonio. He drives a 1976 Ford Manerick powered by a 302 c.i. engine. He is sponsored by Padget's Used Cars and Northside Ford. This was the youngster's fourth win of the year.





1.67 Allen Torres

2. 4 Abraham Mares

3.17 Devin Adler

4.70 “Fly'n” Brian Cook

5.24 Paul Reyes

6.63 Andy Mendoza

7. 5 J. D. Reynolds

8.76 Cory Samford

9.76x Rusty Henely

10.23 Sean Terry

11.66 Adam Torres

12.48 Tom Williams

13.13 Stephan Hawkins


Limited Late Models


Heat Races


Heat (top 3)


1.17 Steve Whiteaker Sr

2.13 Howie Marcx

3.14 Gary “Taz” Hunter


Six cars lined up for fifteen laps. Pacing the field was the 2004 Limited Late Model Champion, Gary “Taz” Hunter. Turn one after the green flag would see cars three wide fighting for the lead. Steve Whiteaker Sr would come out of turn two with the lead. Lap three would see Brian Brooks move inside Hunter in turn two for second place.


On lap eight, Hunter would slow up unexpectedly, letting Abraham Mares into third. A lap later, Mares would roll to a stop in turn 3 and bring out the yellow flag. the top five for the restart was Whiteaker Sr, Brooks, Howie Marcx, and Hunter.


As the race resumed, Brooks would hound Whiteaker Sr for the lead. As they were coming to the white flag, Brooks would bump Whiteaker Sr in turn four. But Whiteaker Sr would hang on and take the win.


Steve Whiteaker Sr is 39 years old from Corpus Christi. He was driving Ed Forsythe's car. It is a 1981 Chevy Camero with a 350 under the hood. The car is sponsored by Mikey's Auto Service of Victoria and Eagle Rock Excavating of Jordanton.




1.17 Steve Whiteaker Sr.

2.25 Brian Brooks

3.13 Howie Marcx

4.14 Gary “Taz” Hunter

5. 3 Abraham Mares

6. 12 Carl “Stubby” Dyer


Texas Outlaw modified


Heat Races


Heat 1 (top 3)


1.8 Uncle Bob Henderson

2.0 Jim "The Bull" Kennett

3.3 Trey Votion


Heat 2


1.1 Herb Shaw

2.15 Brian Shaw

3.7 Chris Snocker


Nine of the fast winged modifieds showed up for a fifteen lap feature race. Uncle Bob Henderson lead the field to the green. But Brian Shaw would come from his fifth starting spot to lead the first lap. Chris Snocker would come from seventh to second on lap two. A lap later, Patrick Kelly would move from eight on the grid to third. Lap three would also see Rudy Garza leave the track with problems with his car.


Lap four would see Snocker take over the top spot. But his time in front would be short lived as B. Shaw would be the leader on lap five.


The only yellow of the race came out for the spun car of Trey Votion in turn two. The top five on the restart were B. Shaw, Snocker, Kelly, H. Shaw, and Henderson.


The last three laps were kept exciting as B. Shaw and Snocker would fight for the lead. Snocker made it close at the line, but ultimately, B. Shaw would win by a half car length.


Brian Shaw drives a White Lighting chassis. The 25 year old from Elmendorf is sponsored by S&L Liftmasters, and Longs Racing Engines. Sharing the victory lane celebrations was his wife, Courtney.


1.15 Brian Shaw

2. 7 Chris Snocker

3.84 Patrick Kelly

4. 1 Herb Shaw

5. 8 Uncle Bob Henderson

6. 3 Trey Votion

7. 0 “The Bull” Jim Kennett

8. 2 Rudy Garza


I.M.C.A. modified


Heat Races


Heat 1 (top 3)


1.57 Dale Flanagan

2.31 Billy Pittaway

3.125 Jason Borlace


Heat 2


1.98 T. J. Huston

2.07 Adam Shach

3.174 Mickey Helms


Heat 3


1.89 Steve Whiteaker Jr

2.88 Steve Whiteaker Sr

3.99 Clay Huston


Heat 4


1.9 Brandon Blaylock

2.8g Greg Dinsmore

3.66y Randy Yount



Seventeen cars would make the starting grid for the twenty lap feature race, with Greg Dinsmore leading them all to green. Yellow would come out in a hurry as Shawn O'banon and Curt Clegg would spin in turn two. On try number two it wouldn't get any better, as Dinsmore spun in front of the field collecting a bunch of cars. Included in the schnozzle was Dale Flanagan, Clay Huston, Steve Whiteaker Jr, Steve Whiteaker Sr, Elias Anderson, andJason Borlace. Flanagan, both the Whiteakers, and Borlace would not restart the race. Anderson and Dinsmore would take their cars to the pits, but return before the restart.


The restart order was, Randy Yount, followed by, Brandon Blaylock, Mickey Helms, T. J. Huston, and Adam Shach. They wouldn't get a lap in, as yellow flew for Shawn O'banon hitting the front straight wall coming out of turn four. O'banon retired from the race. T. J. Huston spun also, to avoid the O'banon car and was giving his spot back.


On the restart Blaylock would go side by side with Yount for the lead. Yount would hold on to the top spot as yellow once again came out for T. J. Huston as he spun on the back straight. the running order on lap two was Yount, Blaylock, Helms, Schach, and Anderson, who moved quickly through the field. On the restart Blaylock would once again challenge Yount for the lead. As the two battled side by side, Anderson would make a daring three wide pass going into turn one to get into third, splitting the Helms and Schach cars in the process.


On lap four, Blaylock would finally get around Yount for the lead. A lap later, Mitch Hardman and Dinsmore would bring out a yellow as both spun in turn two. Dinsmore spun to miss Harman, but stalled the car. Lineup for the restart was, Blaylock, Yount, Anderson, Schach and Helms.


As the cars took the green flag on lap 5, Anderson would pounce to the inside of Yount in turn one in a race for second. Two laps later, Anderson would make the pass stick, moving Yount back to third. A yellow would wave shortly after, as T. J. Huston spun in turn one.


Restart on lap eight was Blaylock, Anderson, Yount Schach and Helms. As the green flew, Anderson would challenge Blaylock for the lead. Anderson went to the high side in turn one, in what would be a fantastic battle for the top spot. The two stayed side by side for two laps until Anderson finally put his car into the lead on lap ten down the back straight. Blaylock wasn't going to roll over and play dead, and he mounted a charge to retake the lead going into turn on the next lap. The charge proved successful as he lead the next two laps, though barely, as Anderson was still racing him hard on the high side.


Anderson would take back the lead as they completed the fourteenth lap. Blaylock tried a slide job in turn one but Anderson crossed back under Blaylock and held onto the lead. The two would stay side by side for three more laps. On lap seventeen, the two would touch on the back straight. The contact bent one of Anderson's rims and the tire started deflate. Blaylock would win his first ever modified race by two car lengths over Anderson.


Brandon Blaylock is 20 years old from McAllen, Tx. He drives a 2005 Hughs chassis. He is sponsored by Diamond Back Transport, Central Ready Mix, Glass ECT, Kario's Racing Engines, and Premos Painting. This is only his third year racing a modified. He was the 2003 Rookie of the Year in this class at the Rio Grand Speedway. The car is wrenched by Ricky Blaylock and is cheered on by Brandon's mother, Florence Blaylock.




1.9 Brandon Blaylock

2.21 Elias Anderson

3.66y Randy Yount

4.07 Adam Schach

5.98 T. J. Huston

6.174 Mickey Helms

7.99 Clay Huston

8.37 Billy Pittaway

9.41 Mitch Hardman

10.8g Greg Dinsmore

11.35 Curt Clegg

12. 420 Shawn O'banon

13. 21 Jamie Campbell

14.89 Steve Whiteaker Jr

15.57 Dale Flanagan

16.125 Jason Borlace

17.88 Steve Whiteaker Sr

DNS 17 Adan Arambula

DNS 22 Marlin Samford

DNS 25 Bobby Grobe

DNS 55 Danny Brown

DNS 94 Nicky Hardcastle

DNS 128 James Mikulencak


Next week come on out for the Train Races. Hope to see you there.


Bill “Sarge” Masom

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Actually, Jason Kelly heard that I am building a car to race against him and after saying "WOMEN" he left and no one has heard from him since. I guess he realized what he will be up against and just bailed... Guess I have to set my sights on building a car that can do tricks like say the #26 car.

Ok, just kidding ya'll, I am building a car, but it is for PURE STOCK and I shall not scratch it till the new season.


Mindy (Melinda)

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