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Championship night @ I-37 Speedway updates 10/21/17


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All in Design Pure Stocks

09 Clint Montanio

93 Aaron Leddy

28m Mason Casteneda

6 Daniel Preston

5 Dillon Gaither

38x Josh Sewell

87 Ben Mikulencak

441 Dakota Heinaman---Points champion

95s Les Bettis

13 Kris Workman

14 Mark Pivarnik

30 Riley Heil

48k Robert Kelm

53 Treyler Caulfield

39 Sonny Kinnaman jr

98 William Saunders

9c Caitlin Leonard

66 Adam Torres

18 Emet Sevilla

15 William Cavender

44k Michael Keylich

21r Eric Ramos---DNS

23 Andy Kirkland---DNS

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Swenson Racing Products Sport Modifieds
26g JJ Jennings
03 Marcus Mikulencak
9m Lawrence Mikulencak
9t Talon Minten----Points champion
6 Vince Louden
55r Rusty Head
7 Bruce Hinson
12r Roly Rodriguez
97 John Witzsche
11t Tom Grothues
17 Derrick Gonzales
25t Michael Keylich
31 Chase Havely
48 Chris Swenson
12 Cody Leonard
24r Robby Minten
9 Ray Doyon III
79 David Meredith
77 Cody Beddoe
66 Johnny Torres---dq(fighting)
56 Broc Bowen---dq(fighting)
A11 Tony Alaniz---DNS
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Brown Chevrolet Sport Compacts

8 Robert Kelm---Points champion

57 Trevor Bettis

3 Jamie Garner

44 Sergio Hexsel

63 Gordon Dowdy

43 Alyson Dorken

68 Team Boerne

38 Kirk Ball

30 Russell Vickery

53 Caleb Dowdy

117 Casey Lowe

13m Jeremy Watson

56 Bob Caulfield

69 Felipe Ruiz

25 Robert Fox

12 Roy Easler--rolled

6 Ethan Jenkins

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