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Racing from 1950's and 60's


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I was sent this video from a friend in Pennsylvania. It was so good I thought I would share it with everyone. I believe these are from Penn- Langhorne and Lancaster, but not sure.

Look close and you will see Falcons, Studebaker's, at least one Corvair, and some 1950-51 Fords, 1955-57 Chevy's,  plus some others I missed that are racing around with the older cars.

Drag Races from the same era come in at about 12-13 mins in case that interest you.

I was particularly impressed with the decorum and dress of the people attending which I recall as a child that I witnessed. Women fresh from the beauty parlor and men with dress hats on with ties. Of course safety equipment was sorely lacking by drivers. Full car counts and people in the stands. Where I grew up in Miami Florida, it was no different.

One thing I would like to read is any history, and  your experience (if you were around back then LOL) of the races you attended and how it differs from the races we see today. This, in my opinion, would be especially helpful to the current/next generation of racers who need to know what things were like back then to help them understand the history going forward. Racings beginnings are VASTLY different from those of today and youngsters, unless they are told, will never know what it was like when the gettin' was good. Racing was an experience for everyone and one that was looked forward to. More on that later.

Hope you enjoy the video......


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