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This time Texas World Speedway may be done for good


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Texas World Speedway done for good?  I think so.

From various sources I hear that the 2.8 mile road course closed down two weeks ago and will be used to store a portion of the hundreds of thousands vehicles recovered from the Hurricane Harvey flooding.

Perhaps the most valid report so far is from World Racing League President Joey Todd.  I quote his FB post here:

TWS is no more.

To all my friends in Texas and beyond whom I have met through and/or flung rubber with around the TWS circuit- it was announced today that TWS is ceasing all motorsports operations and all events are cancelled.

I received my severance notice by email at 3:47p yesterday. If you have any questions or concerns about the events or testing you had scheduled, I am unfortunately not in a position to help.

It's been a long, strange trip. We arrived in College Station in 2011 to set up our safety gear shop at the track (Denise had just left teaching and I had literally worked myself out of my job at a telecom firm in Dallas). Shortly thereafter most of the staff at TWS left and we felt obligated - as the only people with motorsports background still involved - to offer to take on management of the facility. We sacrificed countless hours, gave up almost every weekend with the kids and worked through seemingly impossible odds to turn that ship around for a fraction of our previous salaries, growing it from 34 booked weekends per year to 48, building the school from 65 drivers to sellouts at 150, etc.

Along the way we met some wonderful people, some great characters and a handful of... well... people we'll choose not to remember 1f609.png;). I speak for Denise in saying that despite all the hardship, the thankless hours, the flooded tunnels! after-hours phone calls, two major thefts and a shooting, we honor and cherish the good times we had with a lot of truly wonderful people. I would like to thank specifically: Martin Cain, David and Levica Smith, James Evans, Ben McNeil, Mike Globe, Pam Fitzgerald, Charles Von Schmidt, Pat Quinlan, Bill Forehand Louis and Margie Neveu and John Norgard for all their help. And mad props to every corner and rescue worker who made sure we were all safe over the weekend.

For those of you I may not bump into down the road, I wish you all the best. As this came suddenly and unexpectedly we are both scrambling to find gainful employment. Aside from WRL events I will be leaving the motorsports business and going back to what I do best - telecom and datacenter design and management. Denise has a much broader background in customer service, oil/gas sales, teaching and finance. Feel free to pass on any leads or just keep in touch!

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Yeah, the track on the outside of the oval was shut down a few weeks ago.  They were planning to try and run events on the shorter course (1.8 mile, I think) through the end of the year.  Interest in events on the short course was very low, as you would expect.  Then the floods came.  I'm sure the owners are making much, much more money storing flooded cars.  I also saw pictures of a mini-landslide where the front stretch embankment partially collapsed and dumped a bunch of dirt on the track, close to the entrance to pit road.

I think it's really done this time. I was lucky enough to run the last event the Sunday before the back section was closed.

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This from WTAW.COM website:

Texas World Speedway Holding Flood Damaged Vehicles From Harvey

For at least the next six months, Texas World Speedway will be the home of more than 30,000 parked cars damaged beyond repair by flooding from hurricane Harvey.

Bill Mather at the speedway says 400 acres of land has been leased for six months by a company that works with insurance companies processing claims for vehicle owners who lost their titles due to the flooding. The lease also includes two extensions of three months each, if necessary.

Mather says the vehicles will not be parked where the first phase of home construction will begin in the Southern Pointe community. Mather says plans have been submitted to the city of College Station for the first 150 homes at the mixed use development that will be built on racetrack property

Mather also says driving on the one-time stock car racetrack and road course has been suspended through the rest of the year.

Brazos County Judge Duane Peters said he appreciated the advance notice from Mather about the parked vehicles, that they will be located out of public view, that there is around the clock security, and that there will be no salvage operations.


Courtesy of Texas World Speedway


Courtesy of Texas World Speedway


Courtesy of Texas World Speedway


Rich Runyan, Jr. photo

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looks like a stinky job and is if you open the doors ..in the 90s we took apart cars dried them out at our local dodge dealership and back on the road .made a ton of money doing so todays cars are garbage with   so much electronics ....back then we saved 200 car verses two cars lost now its two cars saved  verses 200 ... I found many times diamond rings and such while drying those cars .and many happy owners when giving what I found back to them .one set of ear rings were worth 10,000 in one car I worked on man I wasn't crooked enough to take em even if I found change it was given back ...

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Whenever a track gets utilized as a "temporary" staging area, it's days are likely numbered. If I recall, Alamo Dragway's last days were spent as a staging area for the construction of the Toyota plant. 

I just hope Corpus Christi Speedway can be reborn as a race track once the new harbor bridge is complete.


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