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Super Streets


1. Mikey Riley

2 Larry Smith

3 Carlucci Sr or Jr.. i forget


this is the results pending tech and all


then TSRS

#43 Jamie Fuller set a time of 14.503 breaking the old track record was set by the #53 of Ryan Englehart 14.602 in may of last year


Finishers were #98 Robert elizondo

#53 Ryan Englehart, & #5 Loyd Alexander

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Greg Sr. was DQed for having 1.6 rockers. He had borrowed the rockers from me and he had no idea they were 1.6's. I got them a few years ago new and they are not stamped 1.5 or 1.6 . I have bought a few sets before that were split ratio and the set he had must have been split ratio. This is my fault for not knowing what set I gave him to use. Greg Sr. and Greg Jr. have great pride in knowing they do NOT cheat to win races. Like I said before the rockers were mine and they didn't know they were illegal and neither did I.

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Give the Steve a break never. Atleast when I bought the rockers the rules DIDN'T say 1.5 it said stock ratio. So I guess I could run 1.7 if I wanted too. SBC's come with a lot of ratio's not just 1.5 . Hell ,I never got caught running them anyway so ,you aint cheatin till you get caught, with someone elses parts. Sorry Greg!!!


Hey John , I'm still waiting to help pull your motor ! I guess I better get a chair and sit down it's gonna be a long wait !!!! Hey maybe you can get Robert Elizondo to drive for you? He made his Sh!t box run maybe he can help you.

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