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TSRS CC results


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Lloyd led basically the first 30 laps then the 98 got by him as he 53 followed and it stayed that way for pretty much the whole race with the 53 challenging him on some restarts.


1.) Robert Elizondo

2.) Ryan Engelhardt spel?

3.) Lloyd Alexander

4.) Brad Hudak

5.) J.P.


Dissapointing car count from some of the drivers out there but kudos to double 00 Beau and Chris Schild to bustin their ass and showin up out there.

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There was some full moon madness goin' on...Jamie rolled a double six with the dice and the inversion shook things up pretty good. Congratulations to Robert for his win. Congratulations to Ryan (I know Ryan wasn't happy with second but if he doesn't win he's not happy).

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