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DCRST @ I-37 speedway updates 7-8-17

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Pure Stocks

98 William Saunders
15b JW Blocker
9c Caitlin Leonard
441 Dakota Heinaman
8 Robert Danielson
48 Pat Lyon
93 Aaron Leddy
42 Wesley Maurer
56 Bob Caulfield
40 Dakota Hurley
39 Red Kinnaman
15 William Cavender
95s Sterling Tausch
38 Sonny Kinnaman Jr
14 Brandon Eure
23 Andy Kirkland
02 Shannon Maurer
2 Rene Mares
3 Abraham Mares—DQ(tech-rocker arms)

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Sport Compacts
8 Robert Kelm
77 GB Carter
3 Jamie Garner
42 Daniel Zajac
57 Trevor Bettis
38 Kirk Ball
114 Brandon McCall
63 Gordon Dowdy
43 Alyson Dorken
96 Justin Henley
12 Roy Easler
33c Charles Earnhardt III
13m Jeremy Watson
56jr Dooley Smith
53 Treyler Caulfield
44 Ronnie Schoenfeld
6jp Dillon Gaither
6p Ivan Hernandez
17 Kristin Lowe
33 Lizzy Blackstock---dntg
181 George Quintianilla---dns
56 Caleb Dowdy---dns

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Full invert by points average for heat race starts, 23 cars entered in Sport Compacts. 20 cars start the feature, close racing and no major accidents. All while a tight points battle is raging.


This is what I have been petitioning for so many years and I37 stepped up and took advantage. It will only get better.

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