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Tommy Grimes wins USRA SLM at THR


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Got a call from Kyle.


Here are the top 7 (very unofficial) for the USRA SLM race that got over about 10:40.


1) Tommy Grimes

2) Michael Crofford

3) Heath Stewart

4) Brandon Bendele

5) Eddie Wallace

6) Tommy Grothues

7) T. Wade Welch


Tommy started on the pole and led all 125 laps. Won by a couple of seconds.


18 cars started the race.


Defending champ Bradley Reithmeyer had some sort of trouble, pitted, came back and ran well, but laps down.


Greg Davidson dropped out early.


I'm sure one of our TXSZ correspondents will be filing a story and complete results before long.


Nick Holt

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JC did finish 5th. Tommy G. was strong. He had a 1/2 lap on the 3rd place car of Heath Stewart and a 1/4 lap on 2nd place car Michael Crawford. 4th car place Brandon was all over Heath and tried to move him several times but could'nt. Brandon raced Heath pretty clean. It doesn't matter, I think Tommy G. had every covered anyway.


(my take from turn4)

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Tommy Grimes is back.I saw it coming last year.I just knew if he quit traveling around and got serious about this series again,he would win again.I think,of all the drivers,Tommy knows how to run for the points.


Good job Jason Smith.He is handling himself,on the track,very well.He didn't kill the car and leads in rookie of the year.


Brandon Bendele has to win the "nice guy of the year" award if they had one.I don't know how many times I've seen him follow a slower car like that and not crash him.He has given up three tropheys that I can think of right now,by doing so.


I think Bradley has the same bad luck that Bendele had last year.I hope it stops after this race.His dad sure put on a hell of a show in the truck race.

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Bradley burned a spark plug wire.

Casey Smith had a good run going, but the right front hub broke and separated from the car coming off turn 2.

Not sure about Greg.

Heath was bad loose.


Not much passing, unless someone got out of the groove. No bite at all on the high side.


This was clearly Tommy's race. When he drew the pole start out of the hat, I thought that was like giving the jailhouse keys to the inmate. I knew what would happen.


Turbo- I talked with Tommy after the race, and he stated after his last win a couple years ago, he went to the new soft spring/big bar setups, and it took him awhile to get it to his liking. He had several great runs in 2004, and put it all together last night.

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The winner at THR this year will always be whoever draws the #1 hat. Qualify top 6 and you have a decent shot at drawing #1 and leading the whole thing at Kyle. Really not much they can do to help SLM racing at Kyle, maybe if the backstretch was about 70 feet longer. Not bashing the track, just wasnt built for fast cars to run there.

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well not sure i agree totally with Hoosier but hes close, it didnt help nay that someone was losing some oil or something the lap times went from a 14.8 to 15.3 in one lap, it makes it hard to do anything when theres crap on the track.




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