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Bowen, Pesek, Snow and Babbitt take Summer Showdown @TRP Wins

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Summer Showdown @ Texana Raceway Park 6/15-17/17
By JM Hallas

Edna, TX.,(June 17h, 2017) After a big night of racing to begin forming the A-main fields, Texana Raceway Park began the final night of their Summer Showdown. Thirty-two drivers, split between four classes, had already secured their spot for Saturdays big money pay day. Tonight was the last chance for driver to make charge into finale.

Recapping Friday nights action, it was Lawrence Mikulencak and Steve Whiteaker jr. grabbing the Limited Modified wins and front row starting spots for Saturdays A-main. Jason Fitch and Michale Pesek were the first to the checkers in the Street Stocks, while Joseph Snow and Beau Begnaud took honors in Pure Stock and Corey Babbitt and Bryan Henry won in Mod Lites.

Saturday was another chance to pick up a starting spot for all the non-qualified drivers in each of the classes. While everyone was assured a starting spot, getting a good position would be the key to finishing as far up as possible in the nights features.

Bowen Bags Big Bucks in Limited Modified
In perhaps a bit of the student beating the teacher, Broc Bowen(Goliad) went home with the big money in the Limited Modified 20-lapper. Bowen grabbed second early, while Steve Whiteaker jr. got out front. Bowen caught his 89 Motorsports team mate and began to put the pressure on coming to halfway. Bowen ducked under Whiteaker just past the midway point, then was able to put some distance on the field. A late restart gave Whiteaker the chance to retake the spot, but Bowen eased back away to secure the victory.

As the 19-car Limited Modified feature fired off it was Whiteaker into the lead trailed by Lawrence Mikulencak, Bowen, Corey Babbitt and Shane Hoefling. Yellow quickly waved for a triad of spins in turn 1. Once back to green Babbitt, Hoefling and Edward Oakes went three wide for forth while Bowen got second from L. Mikulencak.

As the top five separated out, with Whiteaker inching away, Marcus Mikulencak and Jack Barfield made contact. M. Mikulencak cut down the right front and found the turn 3 wall. Under caution somehow GW Hessong and Jason Beckner got hooked together. On the restart Bowen gave Whiteaker a look low, then another on lap 9 off turn 4.

At the crossed flags it was Whiteaker, Bowen, L. Mikulencak, Babbitt and Hoefling in the top five. Bowen again ducked under Whiteaker in turn 1 and took the top spot on lap 11. A big stack up brought the action to a crawl after eight cars got tangled on lap 12. On the restart Whiteaker took a look, but Bowen got a good run off turn 2 and began easing away.

Just as Bowen built a nice leasd and looked to be on his, Max Helms spun with Logan Schunka climbing the turn 1-2 wall on lap 18. Again it was Bowen pulling out on green and driving away to the win in the Gamewell Fishing Charters, CBR Shocks, Triple Cross Ranch, Performance Graphics, Clarient Oil, WW Bodies, T's on the Square, Fletcher Custom Race Engines, Hughes by 89 Motorsports Chassis.


“This is my biggest win,” exclaimed Bowen. “I had a fun race white Steve Whiteaker jr. and Lawrence Mikulencak at the beginning. He(Whiteaker) has mentored me since I first started racing. He and his dad have shaped me into where I am now. I wouldn't be here without them.”

“I didn't really look at what he was doing, though he was running higher than I was. When you're behind someone, even if you're faster, you're trying to learn to see what you can do better. Since we were in two different lines, it just played out.”

“When I was following him I was driving in deeper than he was, then I started backing my corners up. I was able to get back on the gas sooner. I played it out in my mind before the race I was leading and he was behind. It just happened on that late caution. I knew I just to keep doing what I was doing and I'd probably win.”



Limited Modifieds
56 Broc Bowen, 89c Steve Whiteaker jr., 87 Lawrence Mikulencak, 63 Shane Hoefling, 90k Dustin Butcher, 99 Edward Oakes, 174 Mickey Helms, 04 Jacob Burnett, 63s Chase Sanchez, 184 Brian Rye, 18 Max Helms, 175 Jason Beckner, 115 Jack Barfield, 747 GW Hessong , j55 Jason Edwards, 07 Logan Schunka, 03 Marcus Mikulencak, 10 Caleb Hudgeons, 1 Corey Babbitt---DQ(tech control arm)


Pay Day For Pesek
Victoria's Michale Pesek scored the 20-lap Street Stock feature, but it wasn't easy. Pesek had Jarrett Barber on his tail throughout the entire race with Barber showing him the nose on several occasions. Barber got his best look on Pesek on the back stretch during the final lap, but it was Pesek in the Rock Motors, Mickeys Auto Repair, Bayside Seafood, in-house powered Outlaw Chassis, holding him off for the $750 pay day.

As the green waved Pesek beat the pack into turn 1 for the lead chased by Barber, Jason Fitch and Monty Chamberlain, with Brad Hayes side by side with Adam Moyer. As the top four began to pull away it was three wide in the pack for sixth. A three-car tangle slowed the action on lap 6. As the lead trio got away, Hayes got by Chamberlain for fourth with Shawn Kline moving along side Chamberlain.

Mike Trigg joined that fight but made contact with Kline sending him around for a lap 9 caution. Trigg was sent to the tail. On the restart Adam Perks, Kline and Chamberlain went three wide for fifth, with Kenneth Densman now in the mix. At halfway it was Pesek, Barber, Fitch, Hayes and Kline in the top five.
Densman turned Chamberlain around on lap 10 for a mid-race yellow. As green flew again Kline, Perks and Hayes were three wide pin-balling down the back stretch with Kline getting the worse of it. After a series of restarts, Barber began to give Pesek some heat for the lead as they broke away from the field.

In the scrap for fourth Hayes and Perks got locked up, but somehow were both able to continue. At the front it was heating up again with Barber showing Pesek the nose. As the white flag waves Barber gave it his best shot in turns 1-2. They came off side by side, but Pesek went harder into turn 3 on the top and held off Barber coming off turn 4 for the checkers.


“It was pretty tough,” replied Pesek. “They're getting faster and faster that's for sure. I knew if I started up front and got the high side first that I'd get there, but they were coming. (Jarrett) Barber showed me his nose a couple times.”

“My dad gets it set up and tells me what to do and we do it. Air pressure is a big factor. The track went dry from the practice to the features and it was loose in and tight out during our hot laps. I put a few rounds into to it and it was hooked up.”

“You do think about starting up front if someones going to find a better line. You just have to keep your head on and drive your race. Make your car fast and as wide as possible.”


Street Stocks
22 Michale Pesek, 19 Jarrett Barber, 23f Jason Fitch, 12 Adam Perks, 5 Brad Hayes, 11k Shawn Kline, 57 Monty Chamberlain, 14m Adam Moyer, 4tt Mike Trigg, 14 Lynn Fox, 17 Adrian Awalt, 36 Lucky Gilbert, 76 Justin Airhart, 69 Jason Bloom, 74 Travis Schmidt, 75 Kenneth Densman, 35 GW Hessong, 52 Kyle Speer, 29 Jason Jennings, 67 Joe Boop, 26 Ryan Lewis---dns, 77 Chris Shafer---dns, 4t Ray Valente---dns, 21 Lee Awalt---dns

Street Stock B-mains
B-main 1; 4tt Mike Trigg, 52 Kyle Speer, 74 Travis Schmidt, 76 Justin Airhart, 17 Adrian Awalt, 29 Jason Jennings, 355 Justin Boop, 26 Ryan Lewis---dns, 77 Chris Shafer---dns

B-main 2; 12 Adam Perks, 11k Shawn Kline, 67 Joe Boop, 75 Kenneth Densman, 69 Jason Bloom, 36 Lucky Gilbert, 21 Lee Awalt, 4t Ray Valenta---dns


Snow Storms in Pure Stocks
Joseph Snow(Cuero) grabbed the $750 Pure Stock payday after a spirited battle with Beau Begnaud in the 20-lap feature. Begnaud got the lead early with Snow falling back. After a series of restarts, Snow was back on Begnauds bumper and used the high line to drive around Begnaud for the lead on lap 6. In the final laps Begnaud gave Snow a couple looks on the low side but couldn't find a way past Snow in the Snoman Racing, US Army, Chevy.

The initial start of the Pure Stock feature didn't fare well when a pile up in the pack slowed the action. On the second try Begnaud was first off turn 2 with the lead pursued by Snow, Dylan Elasko, Mason Cadsteneda and Ryan Carlucci. Racing slowed again on lap 1 after Mike Horelka found the turn 1 wall. On the restart Snow slipped high with Elasko, Casteneda and Edward Oakes getting by.

After a spin, the restart saw Snow, Elasko and Casteneda three wide for second with Snow finally getting the spot and bringing Casteneda to third. Snow, using the top groove, got along side Begnaud for the lead and took over the top spot on lap 6. Oakes pitted from the top five during a caution for Brice Baros who found the front stretch wall on lap 7.

Once back to racing the top four broke away coming to halfway showing Snow, Casteneda, Elasko, Begnaud and Carlucci in the top five. Johnny Westfall, GW Hessong and Lloyd Williams joined Carlucci in the fight for fifth. Casteneda quickly gave Snow a look into turn 3, but gave up second to Elasko in the process. As the duo continued to fight for second they made contact. Casteneda slid up to the wall, Elasko pitted with a flat.

With Begnaud back up to second he showed Snow his nose on the restart while Westfall got along side Carlucci for third. Snow held off Begnaud with Williams, Carlucci and Westfall three wide for third. With the white flag waving, Snow had a slight advantage on Begnaud that he was able to hang on to, to the checkered flag.


“I knew I had to be patient going in(to the corners). Said Snow. “If I took my time going my car was good. If I get in too hard it didn't want to go.”

Pure Stocks
01 Joseph Snow, 32 Beau Begnaud, 9 Johnny Westfall, 32h GW Hessong, 34 Ryan Carlucci, 21 Edward Oakes, 15d Jamie Dear, 48 Martin Koehne, 3 Mike Moseley, 41 Dylan Elasko, 8 Ricky Konvicka, 22 Levi Williams, 63j Joe Dee Johnsob, 37 Erica Vaccaro, 28m Mason Casteneda, 35 Mickey Helms, 7b Mark Bundren, 99 Brice Baros, 19 Mike Horelka, 14 Lloyd Williams---DQ(tech rear pctg), 355 Jason Fitch---dns, 28 Jeremy Tremble---dns, 6c Nathan Corpus---dns, 08 Chance Frysak---dns

Pure Stock B-mains
B-main 1; 21 Edward Oakes, 35 Mickey Helms, 7b Mark Bundren, 14 Lloyd Williams, 37 Erica Vaccaro, 355 Jason Fitch, 08 Chance Frysak---dns, 28 Jeremy Trimble---dns

B-main 2; 48c Martin Koehne, 99 Brice Baros, 15d Jamie Dear, 8 Ricky Konvicka, 63j Joe Dee Johnson, 19 Mike Horelka, 22 Levi Williams, 6c Nathan Corpus---dns


Babbitt Best in Mod Lite Bash
Corey Babbitt went wire to wire in the 20-lap Mod Lite feature to go back to the Houston area with a cool $750. Babbitt had Bryan Henry, Scott Adams and the Hunters, Nicholas and Taylor, chasing him during the race. Babbitt only had a few car lengths on Henry, who gave it one last try on the final lap, with Babbitt snagging the victory.

At the start of the 21-car Mod Lite feature, Babbitt got away from Henry, T. Hunter, Aaron Stephens and Adams. Babbitt pulled out to a good lead while T. Hunter slipped too high and fell back to sixth. After double spins brought out a yellow, Adams got by Henry for second but yellow waved again erasing the pass.

Finally back to green T. Hunter, Adams and Henry tried three wide for second, as Babbitt rolled away. In the pack there was three abreast racing for eighth. T. Hunter and Adams made contact sending T. Hunter around and Adams to the tail. After a series of restarts they finally got to halfway with Babbitt, Henry, T. Hunter, N. Hunter and Stephens in the top five.

As the top four began to check out Duane Williams got turned around collected Victor Vargas and Todd Barrett. The top three stayed nose to tail back under green until beginning to separate apart. On the final lap Babbitt ran up the back of slower traffic allowing Henry to close. Henry never got close enough for a serious challenge as Babbitt diced his way to victory.


Mod Lites
99 Corey Babbitt, 5j Bryan Henry, 3 Taylor Hunter, 9 Nicholas Hunter, 1 Aaron Stephens, 40 Duane Williams, 22 Mike Christians, 15 Scott Adams, 50p Robert Pollard, 3a Rick Adcock, 11 Ken Busterbaum, 5 Christopher Hogan, 12 Dillon Coyne, 15 Scott Adams, 25 Dylan Budnik, 34 Steve Pollard, 50 Gerald Book, 73 Brent Brocker, 10 Douglas Wright, 15j Todd Barrett, 13 Greg Sexton jr., 24 Victor Vargas

Mod Lite B-mains
B-main 1; 50p Robert Pollard, 11 Ken Busterbaum, 12 Dillon Coyne, 73 Brent Brocker, 25 Dylan Budnik, 13 Greg Sexton jr., 10 Douglas Wright, 88 Josh Wetzel---dns

B-main 2; 9 Nicholas Hunter, 24 Victor Vargas, 65 Buck McFarlin, 22 Mike Christians, 40 Duane Williams, 50 Gerald Book, 34 Steve Pollard, 99 Gary Buchanan---dns

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