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Rio Grande Speedway results 4/17/05

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3 1/2 Horse Karts:


46-Sean Braaten


26-Shenae Solis



Stock 5 hp Karts:


49-Aaron Jamison


00-Kasey Schach


46-Austin Braaten


11-Tori Korht


93-Cody Gordon


K8-Mary Cox


88-Shantelle Schack


10-Hannah Korht



Open 5 hp Karts:


24-Brittany Vigneault


00-Kevin Schach


8-Leo Lopez


18-Billy Walker


21-A.J. Solis



Thunder Cars:


17-Jon Howerton


89-Charlie Martinez


99-Melanie Brandt


97-Bryan Huston


19-Patrick Braaten (first time racing a thunder, at 12 yeers old. And he is my oldest son, sorry have to get personal sometimes)



Hobby Stock:


1-Jim Heatherly


19-Alan Sweetin


72-Ron Hall


98-Jamie Weatherford


69-Roy Long


4-Tim Heatherly


25-Ricky Long



Street Stock:


24-Chastity Pena


18-Alan Sweetin


01-Bud Brandt


17-Rodney Norton


77-David Michael Saenz



Limited Modified:


29-Luke Vigneault


07-Adam Schach


00-Rodney "Cool Rod" Norton


13-Glen Johnson Sr.


66-Chris Brandt


26-Mitchell Johnson


37-Brian Nunn


93-Travis Brandt


57-Jensen Pray





1-James Schach


09-Brandon Blaylock


50-Barney Solis


98-T.J. Huston


17-Adan Arrambula


07-Adam Schach


128-James Mikulencak


91-Bobby Maupin


K9-Ed Cox


2-Robert Boyd






I mentioned in the post that my 12 year old son ran his first race in a thunder car. I couldn’t have been more pleased. He made the whole race, never changed his line, ran smooth and I’m sure will pick up speed soon. This was only the second time he had ever driven the car at all, and the first time with any other cars on the track.




Another new comer was David Michael Saenz. I’m not sure on his age, but probably 15 or 16. He had troubles in the main, the engine died on the front straight, he pulled into the infield and was unable to refire the engine.




In the limited feature, 00-Rodney Norton and 57-Jensen Pray made heavy contact on the front straight, putting Pray into the wall, but he saved it and continued on. With 5 or 6 laps to go, the engine let go and he was forced to watch the end of the feature with me in the infield. The 37 of Leroy Greek actually finished in the top 4, but was DQ’d for moved rear trailing arms.




I think that the Modified feature went green to checker with no cautions. The 98 of TJ Huston got really crossed up in turn 1 on lap 1, but all cars were able to scatter on continue on.




As they said on who?won, it was pretty much a one lane track, but with the good line being the top of the track. The best races of the night were between 29 and 07 in the limited race, swapping spots multiple times per lap for nearly the whole race and also with the 1 and 9 in the modified feature.




Please make a note that the pay is guaranteed for limiteds and modifieds, we really need to get more support from the CC and San Antonio guys to keep the pay up. Also, I just noticed that long time modified racer Johnny Johnson has been named the new track manager and Carl says that he will be just a spectator. I think that this is a move in the right direction, the whole year is starting good. The top cars are getting teched nightly, with a couple of the “favorites” already being DQ’ed. I don’t think that anyone can say that we are playing favorites.






Mike Braaten


Sales Manager


Pueblo Tires and Service


956-682-7800 office


956-682-6859 fax

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