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Digital Grease owns Texas Speed Zone and hosts and maintains web sites, including the USRA and San Antonio Speedway sites. In January, Digital Grease signed agreements with THR, CCMS, and SAS to host and maintain each tracks web sites. Mike Sepich was the first track to sign up, so the SAS web site happened to be the first one. USRA didn't have a web site, so they were the first series to get one. We have signed up a few drivers, but thier web sites are still in progress. We plan on signing up more tracks, series, and drivers. We are also working with a couple of sponsors on thier sites. We host the current CCMS website on our server, but it has not migrated to the new system. THR hasn't moved yet. The people we have network agreements with are across the top of the page.


Companies such as Microsoft (applications) and Amazon.com (web interface) believe one of the most important things is consistant navigation. Love or hate Microsoft, once you can use one office program, it is pretty easy to learn another. Studies show people go to web sites for content and the appeal of a cool look lasts less than 15 seconds. Then people want to be able to find information quickly or they get irritated and leave. The navigation of our sites, how to get around and find things, is consistant from site to site. From a navigation standpoint, they do look the same. We have tried to use industry best practices as far as design. Jason did a great job. It should make it easy to find information. Each of the sites has different content specific to that site and different graphics.


By combining the sites into one network with one set of servers, volume bandwidth, etc., we are able to save the tracks and series money and give them the tools to update the sites themselves without needing a web designer or someone that knows html. Web sites are costly for tracks to maintain and keep fresh. We were able to consolidate that and take the cost burden of maintaining a web site off of the tracks. For instance, Debbie Williams of SAS can update stories, post results, update driver information herself without having to call anyone or having to learn web design. By linking the sites, we also get search engine benefits making all the sites easier to find through web searches. Being part of the TSZ network offers more value to track sponsors and network sponsors. Someday we might even make money off of it, but for now it is a community service project, meaning I cover the losses out of my own pocket!




Larry Latham

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