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I-37 Speedway 4-15-05

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I-37 Speedway 4-15-05 Full Results,


After the headaches of getting the old taxes done, it was nice to go to the track for my favorite past time. Question for you though, beer bought at the race track qualifies for a deduction, right?


We will start with the always exciting street stocks


Street Stocks


Heat races (top 3)


Heat 1

1.18 Shawn “Hot Shot” Moore

2.51 Don Lewis

3.48 Robert Williams


Heat 2

1.79 Randy Guzman

2.26 Darin Leonard

3. 2 Renee Mares


2004 Pure Stock Track Champion Darin Leonard would get the jump at the start and hold it for the first four circuits. Starting on lap five Randy Guzman would challenge Leonard on the inside in turn four and would take the lead. Don Lewis would move up and bang doors with Leonard as they entered turn one in a race for second place. On lap eleven, Robert Williams would move up and challenge Lewis for the third place in turn three. By the next lap Williams would get around Lewis and would begin reeling in the leaders. The fifteen lap race would come to an end with former I-37 Speedway flagman, Guzman taking the win.


Randy Guzman's 1976 Chevy Camero is for sale. It is sponsored by Extreme Dimensions Graphics and Wallace Backhoe Service. The 29 year old is a two time Pure Stock Champion at I-37 Speedway.




1. 79 Randy Guzman

2.26 Darin Leonard

3.48 Robert Williams

4.51 Donald Lewis

5. 2 Renee Mares

6. 68 Dubba Hawkins

7. 21 Lee Frautschi

8.18 Shawn “Hot Shot” Moore

Limited Late Models


Heat Races (top 3)


Heat 1

1.48 M.K. Wallace

2.86 “Slamming” Sammy Smith

3.14 Gary “Taz” Hunter


Only four of the loud and fast machines were on hand. They would run an eight lap feature race. M.K. Wallace would get the initial jump and lead the first 7 laps. Hot on his tail the whole time was Sammy Smith. Smith tried several times to get around the Wallace car, with contact happening between the two on several occasions. Fireworks would fly on the last lap as Smith placed his car on the high side in a bid to get around the leader in turn four. As the two banged fenders coming to the checkered flag, Smith would edge Wallace for the win. As the action continued past the flag stand the Smith car would end up on top of the tire wall on the outside of turn one.


“Slamming” Sammy Smith's Camero is sponsored by Royal Purple, Iron Skillet, and Tom's Quick Lube. The Bolverdy driver is 18 years and has been racing for 12 year. He is a former Quarter Midget driver. Tommy Holder and Tommy Smith turn the wrenches on the car.




1.86 “Slamming” Sammy Smith

2.48 M. K. Wallace

3.14 Gary “Taz” Hunter

4.29 “The Crazy Cajon”, David Boudreau


Pure Stocks


Heat Races (top 3)


Heat 1

1.67 Allen Torres

2.17 Devin Adler

3.76 Justin Henley


Heat 2

1.79x Mike Hager

2.11 Chris Mclendon

3. 5 J. D. Reynolds


Nine cars would line up for the fifteen lap feature race. Mike Hager would get the early lead and hold it for the first three circuits over Allen Torres. On lap two the 48 of Tom Williams would get around Torres for second. On lap four Williams would get under Hager in turn 4 to take the lead. Torres would follow Williams around Hager on lap six. As they came to the crossed flag the running order was Williams, Torres, Hager, Chris Mclendon, and Justin Henley. On lap 11 the leader's El Camino started showing a bunch of smoke from under the hood. He would be black fagged for the smoke. Also having the same problem would be Mclendon, as he pulled off the track with smoke billowing out from under his car. That pretty much handed the win to Torres.


Allen Torres is 14 years old from San Antonio. He drives a 1972 Ford Maverick with a 302 under the hood. He is sponsored by Padget's Used Cars.




1.67 Allen Torres

2.79x Mike Hager

3.76 Justin Henley

4.17 Devin Adler

5.5.0 “The Iceman” Chris Swenson

6. 5 J. D. Reynolds

7.11 Chris Mclendon

8.48 Tom Williams

9.48a Lorain Traybe (sp?)


I.M.C.A. Modifieds


Heat winners (top 3)


Heat 1

1. 707 P. J. Egbert

2.7 “Mr. Modified” Lawrence Mikulencak

3.91m Bobby Maupin


Heat 2

1.89 Steve Whiteaker Jr

2.8g Greg Dinsmore

3.701 Henry Witt Jr


Heat 3

1.57 Dale Flanagan

2.31 Elias Anderson

3.82 Steve Majek


Heat 4

1.17 Adan Arambula

2. 9 Brandon Blaylock

3.98 T. J. Huston


The top two drivers in I.M.C.A National points, were part of the nineteen cars that made the call for the twenty lap feature race. Greg Dinsmore would lead the pack to the green flag. He would lead the race, but be challenged by Adan Arambula as they went side by side on lap two. Arambula would slip back a couple of positions. A yellow would come out on lap 2 for a spun Brandon Blaylock in turn 2.


As they would come to the restart, the running order was Dinsmore, P. J. Egbert, Steve Whiteacker Jr., Arambula, and Henry Witt Jr. Dinsmore would hold off Egbert for two laps, before another caution would fly for debries in turn two on lap four. Under the yellow, Egbert would pull his car off of the track with a flat tire. That would move Dale Flanagan into the top five.


They tried to restart the race on lap four, only to have the paced slowed by Blaylock and James Mikulencak having problems in turn four. Egbert would bring his car back into the battle under this yellow, without losing a lap.


On the restart, Whiteaker Jr would go wheel to wheel with Dinsmore in turn two. Whiteaker would have the lead as they completed lap five. On lap six, Dinsmore moved to the outside of Whiteaker Jr in turn three. The two would touch and Dinsmore would end up buried in the tire wall between turn three and four. He would leave the track with a broken left front suspension.


The top five going to green on lap six was Whiteaker Jr, Arambula, Witt, Flanagan and last week's winner, Lawrence Mikulencak. Unfortunately, the action would be slowed by “NASCAR” Danny Brown's spun car in turn two. The caution would not affect the top five.


The race would take an exiting turn as they green flew to restart the race on lap six. Mikulencak would take to the high groove and get around Flanagan in turn one for fourth. He would then go side by side with Witt Jr and would get by him. On lap eight, Mikulencak would be in second as he would dispatch Arambula by flying by on the outside. Flanagan would take his car to the pits on lap nine, giving up the fifth spot. One lap later, Whiteaker Jr would fall prey to the Mikulencak car. Not one to give up easily, Whiteaker and Mikulencak would battle wheel to wheel for lead for much of the rest of the race.


Yellow would be the color on lap thirteen. Jeremy Davenport spun his car in turn 1. The restart would have the line up as Mikulencak, Whiteaker Jr., Arambula, Witt Jr, and into fifth, with a great run through the pack, T. J. Huston. When the green flag dropped Mikulencak and Whiteaker Jr resumes their side by side battle for the lead, with the old caggy veteren on the outside, and the youngster hugging the low line. Also, Arambula and Witt Jr were wagging a similar battle for the third spot, with Witt down low and Arambula up high.


A red flag would be displayed when Egbert would flip his car in turn one. It looked like he got just a tad too high and clipped the tire wall with his right rear tire. That spun his nose back to the right and into the tire wall. The nose dug in and over he went. Egbert climbed out of his car, surveyed the damage, and drove the car to thunderous applause down the front straight and into the pits.


Once racing resumed it was wheel to wheel two rows deep, as four cars fought over the first four positions. They would only get on lap of green in before they were slowed again by Blaylock spun car. There was no change in the top five.


Green flew, and the terrific battle for first and third resumed. One more caution would slow the field as Jason Barnec would spin in turn two. Even though they were racing side by side two rows deep, the top five remained the same coming to the green flag.


As the field was heading down the back straight to take the white flag, Witt Jr would pull off the track, moving Huston up to fourth. As the white flag fluttered in the breeze, Huston made his move on the outside and passed two cars on the final lap, just nipping the defending track champion Whiteaker Jr, for second place as they came to the checkered flag.


Corpus Christi's “Mr. Modified” Lawrence Mikulencak made it two for two with the win. He drives a HOT Chassis powered by a 350 Chevy engine. The car is sponsored by ACE Transmissions, HOT Chassis, and Youngs Auto Repair.




1.7 “Mr. Modified” Lawrence Mikulencak

2.98 T. J. Huston

3.89 Steve Whiteaker Jr.

4.17 Adan Arambula

5.31 Elias Anderson

6.91m Bobby Maupin

7.9 Brandon Blaylock

8.174 Mickey Helms

9.82 Steve Majek

10. 1 Jeremy Davenport

11.37 Billy Pittaway

12.97 Joe Barnec

13.701 Henry Witt Jr

14.707 P. J. Egbert

15.88 Steve Whiteaker Sr.

16.57 Dale Flanagan

17.55 “NASCAR” Danny Brown

18.128 James Mikulencak

19.8g Greg Dinsmore

DNS Jamie Campbell


Texas Outlaw Modifieds


Heat races (top 3)


Heat 1

1. 8 Uncle Bob Henderson

2.15 Brian Shaw

3. 0 “The Bull” Jim Kennett


Heat 2

1.1 Herb Shaw

2.84 Patrick Kelly

3. 7 Chris Snocker


Eight of the big tired, winged beasts took the green for their fifteen lap feature event. Brian Shaw would get the lead from Jim Kennett at the drop of the green. Chris Snocker would get into second place on lap two with Patrick Kelly behind him in third. A yellow came out an lap three for Uncle Bob Henderson as he rolled to a stop on the front straight.


Top five coming to the restart was B. Shaw, Snocker, Kelly, Kennett, and Trey Votion. Herb Shaw was on the move as he blasted by two cars in one lap. Another yellow came out as Snocker spun in turn four. Top five at this time were B. Shaw, Kelly, Herb Shaw, Kennett and Votion.


Yellow once again was the color of the race on lap six as Snocker spun again in turn four. The Kennett and Randy Miller cars were caught up the snozzle as well. The only change in the top was Votion into fourth and Randy Miller now in fifth.


The field would get four more laps under their belts until Votion spun out in turn four. Coming to green top five were, B. Shaw, Kelly, H. Shaw Snocker and Votion. As the green flew to restart, H. Shaw would get under Kelly going into turn one. A lap latter, he would get the second spot, moving Kelly back to third. Two laps latter, Kelly would be racing with H. Shaw again, when Snocker would get them both, taking over second. But no one had anything for the B. Shaw car, as he ended up winning flag to flag.


The 26 year old from Elmendorf drives a White Lighting Chassis. He is sponsored by S&L Liftmasters and Longs Racing Engines.




1.15 Brian Shaw

2. 7 Chris Snocker

3. 1 Herb Shaw

4.84 Patrick Kelly

5. 3 Trey Votion

6. 2 Randy Miller

7. 0 “The Bull” Jim Kennett

8. 8 Uncle Bob Henderson


The racing wasn't over yet. As M.K. Wallace, of Wallace Backhoe service put up the money for a six lap Dash for Cash for the top six in the Modified race.


The six that started the race were:




Whiteaker Jr




Maupin would lead all six laps to take the Wallace Backhoe Service money.




1.91m Bobby Maupin

2.31 Elias Anderson

3.98 T. J. Huston

4. 7 Lawrence Mikulencak

5. 9 Brandon Blaylock

6. 89 Steve Whiteaker Jr (pulled off on lap 2)


Come out next week for I-37 Speedway's “Salute to Feasta”. Come and have a party at the track!


Bill "Sarge" Masom

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