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This topic isnt race related but good news


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Although this post isnt race related I felt I should share some good news with my fellow racers.


Today I received a letter in the mail from The National Dean's List. One of your very own, I have been nominated to be on the honorary National Deans List. Which is the most prestigious publication in the country. With me recieving this award I will have a biography published in the 28th Annual Edition of The National Dean List. In which I have included TSRS and USRA as my curicular activities which will also be included with my biography. This is also allowing me to compete for a $1000 dollar scholarship to use for NTI. With my accomplishments in school, I am only 1/2 of 1% in the nations college students that recieve this award.

That is IF I select the award.


P.S. Hey Rusty I dont want to hear you telling me not to skip class to work on the race car anymore! LOL :P



sean B)

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Hey Russ,


I think you mean Thursday at THR. LOL




I want yall to know no matter what happens with my career, I will always stay in touch with everyone and never forget you guys. Yall are the greatest




I am an Automotive major/Applied Science degree at Austin Community College. I graduate in August, then Ill be relocating to NC in December to pursue my schooling at Nascar Technical Institute.


PS I dont think im going to respond to the nomination but it sure was nice to know that I was nominated. To much BS with it from what I hear.


Thanks guys


sean/aka red B)

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