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Hudak Captures Southside Wrecker Pole

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Hudak Captures Southside Wrecker Pole


By: Pat Mayberry


Defending Texas Super Racing Series champion, Brad Hudak, sent a message to

the rest of the drivers when he broke is track record to capture the

Southside Wrecker Service Pole Award at the season opening "Papa New 100".

The longest standing record on the Texas Super Racing Series circuit was set

May 30, 2003 with a time of 15.483 seconds.


Hudak swept up the five extra bonus points for breaking a track record along

with the five bonus points for setting fast time. The quick lap of 15.453

seconds also which earn him an additional $250 cash bonus thanks to

Southside Wrecker Service. "The track is pretty good shape, but it's a

little greasy getting off turn two. It feels real good to break this

record," said Hudak. "We've made a lot of changes experimenting with set

ups. We don't have it figured out yet, but this is a good start."


Unfortunately for Hudak, the trademark Texas Super Racing Series dice roll

for inversion moved him back to the sixth starting position for the start of

the race. Hudak made a special announcement after winning the pole. "The

bonus money tonight will go to support my wife, Karen, in the MS 150," added

Hudak. "We're hoping to match up another $1,500 later with this."


Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic, often disabling disease of the central

nervous system. Symptoms may be mild such as numbness in the limbs, or

severe paralysis or loss of vision. Most people with MS are diagnosed

between the ages of 20 and 40 and the progress, severity and specific

symptoms of MS in any one person cannot yet be predicted. At this time,

there is no known cause or cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

For more information about Multiple Sclerosis and the BP MS 150 please visit

www.ms150.org. To get more information about the Texas Super Racing Series

visit the redesigned internet home of the Texas Super Racing Series at


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