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TDCA @ THR 4/9/05

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Here are the results for the Texas Dwarf Car Association at Thunderhill on 4/9/05.


Heat one


90- David Forrester

75- Christine Parks

94- Lee McGinnis

15- Eric Schmitt

95- Deborah McGinnis

10- ??-Guest Driver

60- Richard Smith

01- Robert Crawford


Heat two


77- Troop Miller

81- Robert Titerle

20- Bert Booth

00- Terry Duval

88- James Parks

57- James Rossi

3- John Caswell

8- Joe Sheddin

24- Kelvin Chandler

48- J.W. Woodson


Heat Three


38- Benny Tufts

72- Arden Vikre

14- Richard Brooker

05- Keith Roach

23- Scott Lindquist

18- Warren Titerle

27- Ricky Winks

29- Wayne Hearne

13- Tyler Bailey




Benny Tufts

Scott Lindquist

Warren Titerle

Arden Vikre

James Parks

Richard Brooker

Robert Titerle

Ricky Winks

Troop Miller

Wayne Hearne

James Rossi

Kelvin Chandler

Tyler Bailey

Bert Booth

John Caswell

Richard Smith

Eric Schmitt

?? Guest Driver

J.W. Woodson

Terry Duval

Joe Sheddin

Christine Parks

Deborah McGinnis

Lee McGinnis

Keith Roach

David Forrester

Robert Crawford-DNS



***Just a quick note, this was my first time ever on this track, and it is a LONG way around there!!! But I had a blast.

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